Exclusive Premiere: IMAN 'Killing Time'

Originally hailing from Bahrain, IMAN is a London based multi-instrumental alternative musician and songwriter. Starkly honest as well as raw and relatable lyrically, themes are generated and based upon a combination of IMAN's own personal experiences and general observations of life; often with a heavy dose of metaphor. her music combines a mixture of sounds from Shoegaze to Progressive Alt Rock style riffs. You may have heard of IMAN outside of this solo project too. IMAN writes and performs bass guitar for London based metal quartet HAWXX, as well as South West London based rock outfit Really Spooky Ghosts.

We at Noizze are stoked to be premiering the brand new lyric video for 'Killing Time', which will be released on all streaming services on 25th December 2020, what a Christmas gift! This rock stomper strikes the perfect balance between its crunchy riffs and soaring vocal melodies. It also delivers a powerful message on emotional empowerment.

On the song IMAN states “Sometimes we’re not always the best versions of ourselves that we should be. This can often create an internal rift that casts a long, dark shadow over everything else in our lives. Stagnant or toxic relationships can fuel these shadows resulting in a perpetual cycle of lost time and dormancy. Killing Time is about emotional empowerment; embracing the confidence needed to break out of the desolation and accomplish your true goals, instead of remaining stuck with who we don’t want to be.”

The track glides along a heavy and infectious pace, building into a powerful chorus from verses that feel somewhat calm and measured. The song moves between these sections effortlessly and tails out with a breakdown that leaves nothing left. The visuals in the lyric video match this and are both powerful and poignant.

Check out the brand new lyric video for 'Killing Time' below:

‘Killing Time’ will released on all streaming platforms on 25th December 2020.

You can find IMAN on the platforms below:

Bandcamp - /imanahmedmusic

Instagram - /iman_ahmed_music

Spotify - @Iman


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