Eyes of Tomorrow – Settle for More | Album Review

Furious and full of energy, German collective Eyes of Tomorrow are bringing their latest record with a bang. The 11-track album blitzes past like a thunderstorm – loud, flashy, and dangerous, leaving havoc in it’s wake. Settle for More is inspired by the old school hardcore pioneers of the late 80s, the likes of CRO-MAGS and Agnostic Front. While Eyes of Tomorrow pay tribute to the scene, they also have something to say for themselves. Infectious energy and genuine rage fuel this explosion of an album, first-class pit material right there! It’s unapologetic and straight to the point, no need for fancy metaphors here. Ruhr-based quartet are peeling the layers of the superficial one by one, in attempt to expose and purge the ugliness.

First track ‘Gone for Good’ is a worthy opening statement from the band. Crunchy riffs and powerful vocals are immediately attention grabbing, drawing in listeners with ever-changing pace. Title track ‘Settle for More’ bursts with defiance and fortitude, a perfect anthem for the new generation. It carries enough grit and enthusiasm to start a riot!

The following ‘Blinded by Greed’ serves as an essential slap in the face, urging everyone to ‘wake the f--k up’ and look around at the remains. Eyes of Tomorrow are confronting listeners with crucial questions throughout the record. There is no hiding from Mirko’s piercing vocals, everyone is accountable for the state the world is in. Closing track ‘Things We Need’ concludes with an empowering message: a call to be mindful but radical in the pursuit of truth.

Eyes of Tomorrow have put out an uncompromising punk hardcore album. Filled with short nuggets-of-rage tracks, this album is charged with sizzling energy and delivers the message loud and clear. Although there are little surprises here it sounds fresh and bold, a fitting complement to the genre. Built on the foundations of New York’s hardcore punk old-timers, Settle for More brings attitude and challenge with every track. Quartet tackles many flaws of modern society - disinformation and fake news, greed and corruption, to name a few. They hold the mirror up because the first step towards building a brand new world is facing the truth and accepting that there is a problem. Eyes of Tomorrow are on the mission to shake up the sleeping and inspire critical thinking. They demand everyone takes a stand, whether alongside them or independently, and undoubtedly many will.

Score: 8/10

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