FORT - We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It | EP Review

Despite an endless plethora of emerging bands directly contradicting such a claim, it’s not totally uncommon to hear people falsely lamenting that post-rock is currently lacking in innovation. Of course, such a qualm is absurd; one only needs to look towards bands such as Mountain Caller, Last Hyena and Blanket to see that the new generation of post-rock is fraught with groundbreaking originality. But regardless, even if an emerging band opts to not take the sound of the genre into new directions, it doesn’t automatically make their craft void of excellence. FORT showcase this wonderfully with their debut EP, a record that sits comfortable within the confines of classic genre dynamics whilst still being a fantastic listen.

The very first full body of the work from the Cardiff based collective, We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It is a tightly controlled, focused and extensively reviewed collection of four tracks that truly resonate a level of ambition. In a manner nostalgic of the summer sentimentalism associated with acts such as This Will Destroy You and If These Tress Could Talk, opener ‘Apnoea’ is a colossal, soaring soundscape of passion and a perfect encapsulation of the ardent emotion and initiative that FORT holds dear. The preceding natures of ‘How To Find Astroids’ and ‘We Destroy Yesterday’ - a track that blossoms like a delicate orchid hybrid of Caspian and the aforementioned Last Hyena – also present this majestically too. Across these two respective tracks delicate minimalism and borderline ornate rhythms resonate a sense of graceful comfort and fragility, a direct contrast to the overdriven walls of noise that rise and crash that co-inhibit the same space.

Of course, the juxtaposition between such textures has long been a crux of the post rock genre. The exploration of the quiet and loud dynamic has been probed by essentially every act within the field that FORT are now entering. But still, the grace, composure and finesse that this relatively new band display with their very first release is remarkable. Whereas many post-rock upstarts first releases often stand as cookie-cutter copies of their primary inspirations – often to the point where one could state it as being plagiarism - We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It see FORT taking influence from clear mentors before reworking such influence to fit their ideals. Whilst it’s easy to to see the band’s influences, there’s a real sense of electric freshness with this release, something that’s demonstrated with the thunderous title track, a closer that’s constructed around a demolishing, yet agile central riff that’s more post-metal than it is ethereal post-rock.

FORT don’t necessary reinvent the wheel or offer anything truly groundbreaking with this release. However, they don’t need to. We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It is simply a fantastic display of shimmering post-rock dynamics presented in a way that truly resonates a level of earnest emotion, and when considering this body of work is the band’s first outing, it’s quite remarkable in the fact it’s so robust and well executed. Whereas many emerging acts in the post-rock field struggle to convey the soundscapes they take influence from, FORT successfully manage to offer such ethereal and delicately woven tapestries of sound with near effortless finesse. If their first EP is this good, then their next release could truly be something outstanding.

Score: 8/10

We'll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It is out now via Stereo Brain Records.

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