Frozen Soul On Putting the "Cool" Into Old School Death Metal

Up until very recently it was safe to say Texas wasn’t associated with the cold or frozen wastelands. Blasting out of 2018 in a storm of hail and frost, Frozen Soul quickly put that notion to rest with their take on old school death metal that owed as much to the frostbitten aesthetics of black metal as it did the monolithic riffs of Bolt Thrower. The band were quickly snapped up by Century Media for the release of their debut album, Crypt of Ice which made waves throughout not just the underground but the metal scene at large.

“Michael [Munday, guitars] and I met while I was working at a local comic and game store in the area and we became friends”, explains vocalist Chad Green, though it wasn’t quite as instantaneous as their rise to underground prominence. “From there, we started the journey of trying to write music; two years and multiple projects later, Frozen Soul was born!”

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That said, the band have always had clear ideas of what they wanted their music to sound like; “we knew we wanted death metal and old school to be exact, but we weren’t sure how it would unfold until it got there” he remembers. When it comes to their influences, things are a little more clear-cut. Once listen to tracks like ‘Encased In Ice’ and ‘Arctic Stranglehold’ are pure Bolt Thrower worship in the best way (“We love primitive style death metal! There’s something raw and aggressive about it you don’t hear in anything else!”).

It’s also abundantly clear from their name, album/song titles and lyrical themes that imagery of cold, frost and ice are very close to them but this wasn’t initially the plan - the themes came afterwards. As Chad told us, “we just sort of fell into it after naming the band and working on lyrics; we just kept going and it’s been a lot of fun”. They don’t just draw influence from here though. “Art and life in general” are huge inspirations to them; “we are all artsy people and typically enjoy movies, games, drawing or painting and other related things to express ourselves in such a dark world”.

They’ve come a long way in such a short time, with just one EP, 2020’s Encased In Ice, that quickly catapulted the band to the forefront of the death metal underground. Some of those songs were reworked for Crypt of Ice (such as the EP’s title track) while the band worked on the record. The hype itself being generated around the album wasn’t something that bothered them or that they were really aware of - though it’s not something they are ungrateful for. “We [were] just doing what we love the way we want to do it and are beyond stoked that everyone has received it so well!” Chad exclaims about the incredibly positive reception the record received.

They’re also keen not to rest on their laurels in 2021, with more videos, more Wrecking Ball Events to play and even LP2 to look forward to “and hopefully an awesome tour to end the year” is on the cards. One thing’s for sure though - Frozen Soul are just getting started and are keen to bring as many as possible into their icy domain.

Crypt of Ice is out now via Century Media Records

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