Glitchers - Thought Crimes | EP Review

You might remember Glitchers as the viral sensation from last year, a self branded skiffle-punk duo who toured around the country, playing sets in public in protest of the closure and subsequent disregard for the live music sector by the UK government, gathering thousands of views through videos of their performances on social media. Well, they're back, this time in the form of their debut EP, a six track endeavour titled Thought Crimes, and it sounds just as in-your-face as their real life street appearances.

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Opening track 'Keep Calm' wastes not even a second before before detonating into a gnarly crescendo of distorted riffage, throbbing drums and growling vocals about the way we treat our home planet, and it's impending destruction. Swiftly followed by 'FFFIREWORK', another maximum energy romp, the lyric "A match inside a factory, filled with FFFireworks' was used by the mayor to describe frontman Jake's approach to Politics back when he was a councillor before the band was formed. There's a distinguishably raw element to Glitchers sound, prominent in bands such as Every Time I Die, Refused and early Gallows material.

'Suck It!' features the kind of fuzz-rock scuzz you might find in a Jamie Lenman or Haggard Cat song, a song about the inequality and absurdity of women's sexual pleasure being disregarded faster than many would disavow actions of physical violence; “since when did a vibrator become more offensive than a gun?”. The unrelenting energy doesn't stop, with ferocious anti-Valentines single 'Tunnels' followed by vivacious 'Zombie Generation'. One of Glitchers earliest songs, it was the first of their songs that drummer Sophie learned to play, originally written alongside the bands debut demo track 'Relovelution'.

Saving the best for last comes chant-along anthem 'Fuck The Tories', complete with a piledriving breakdown, and a message that encapsulates what many of us have been thinking over the course of the past year, it's the musical equivalent of ending it with a “BANG!”. The rampant energy and punk attitude of Glitchers live sets emanates through the veins of Thought Crimes, a solid EP from one of the most promising new bands in the punk scene.

Score: 8/10

Thought Crimes is self-released March 12th.

The record will be available for free here on release day with donations accepted.