Haggard Cat Drop Seething New Single, Announce First Independent EP 'Cheer Up'!

Following on from the release of their frantic and inconsolable second LP Common Sense Holiday last year, the feral ball of energy that is Haggard Cat are back with a surprise new single and news of an independently released new EP Cheer Up.

The duo’s first material to be shared independently, new single ‘Quit Your Jobs’ see’s the band more confrontational than ever before and serves as a bitter documentation of their time working with their previous label. A bombastic fusion of jagged post-hardcore, seizing 80’s thrash riffs and contemporary modern day bile, the track is an urgent outpouring of frustration, and with the band now unchained from restrictive corporate ties,‘Quit Your Jobs’ serves as a statement of intent for the next chapter of the group’s career.

“When we were writing this group of songs, Quit Your Jobs was the first track that really jumped out and grabbed us, we knew instantly that it had to be the first thing people heard from this new body of work”, states frontman Matt Reynolds. “It was just so aggressive and felt so much more immediate than what had come before; it felt like a mission statement for where we were going next. There was a sense that it was coming from a place of genuine anger and frustration and Adrian Bushby captured it perfectly on record. We wrote the lyrics about an actual series of bad advice that we received from our old record label. We were in a meeting with them, and they literally were sat there straight-faced refusing to work on a marketing plan with us, insisting our next move was to “quit your jobs”. They just kept repeating it, it was eery. Advice that also followed these pearls of wisdom was “fake your death” – I know this sounds made up but it’s 100% true”.

Released September 3rd independently, not only is Cheer Up the band’s first fully independent release, it’s also their first working alongside Grammy award winning producer Adrian Bushby (Black Peaks, Muse, Foo Fighters). Coming into contact following on from the release of their aforementioned second full length, as Matt explains, the formation of Cheer Up was a session full of chemistry and one that allowed the band to enliven their vision of aggression and purposeful optimism.

“Working with Adrian Bushby on these songs was an absolute dream. He just ‘got it’ right from the second we stepped in the room together and his enthusiasm was contagious”, Matt details. “We recorded on the studio floor, stood facing each other, amps full blast – the energy felt so special. We thought it was more important than ever now to work on something uplifting as we were getting so fatigued by all the doom around us, our mantra became, ‘yeah the world sucks, but at least there’s riffs, so cheer up’. If our last album Common Sense Holiday was our commentary on all the madness that was unfolding around us, then Cheer Up is about us taking action and doing something about it. A collection of heavy yet positive songs about retribution and regaining control. It’s no coincidence that alongside this notion as a band we have decided to move forward doing things on our own terms.”

Cheer Up is released September 3rd on transparent yellow vinyl. Watch the video for ‘Quit Your Jobs’ above and pre-order the new record here. The band will also be touring in support of the EP in September, full dates can be found below.