Hands Like Houses - Hands Like Houses | EP Review

Continuing with the theme of an ever changing sound, Hands Like Houses have returned with a punchy self titled EP, complied of shimmering, static laced guitar and bright, bubbly vocals. Retaining the singalong choruses, similar to their 2018 album -Anon the band appear to still be placing the hardcore sound to one side. This isn’t surprising as the EP follows buoyant single ‘Headrush’.

Taking a more playful approach to the instrumentation on this EP opposed to the heavily distorted and gritty guitar of the past, the entire feeling of the music has shifted. With a boisterous tone, there’s no more ricocheting between heavy and light and more emphasis on the catchy choruses and big sound. We had a taste of this renovated style on the band’s last album -Anon but Hands Like Houses have taken that to a new level.

With every song resonating differently it feels wrong to compare them to each other, each track is brilliant for its own unique reasons but a stand out song is ‘Dangerous’. It’s the kind of song you know will be incredible live and right now that feels a bit strange looking back at gigs almost nostalgically. This is a very high energy song that will undoubtedly be a particularly avid mosh-pit starter. In all, the EP is proof that Hands Like Houses are a very versatile band with the ability to cross over multiple styles of music very successfully.

Score: 8/10

Hands Like Houses is released October 23rd via UNFD.

Pre-order the EP here.