Hawwx Share Remixed Version of 'Deadlands'

We’re at the halfway mark with the 3rd of 4 ferociously heavy metal remixes from Hawxx, metamorphosing and evolving each of their tracks from their Deadlands EP in the same way a self-indulgent laboratory would mess and experiment with combinations of genetics that nature never intended to be integrated, lest you let a velociraptor / tyrannosaurus-rex hybrid run rampant. Merging his expertise gained from working with the primitive Welsh rockers Skindred and Iceland's Bjork, producer James Le Rock throws his gloves on to give a beating to Hawxx’s track ‘Deadlands.’

The ingress of the track begins similarly to that of its original primitive state in Anna Papadimitriou’s and Hannah Staphnill’s axe-sweeping, however a deep, twisted growl conjures images of something unholy and not of this world, born of sulphur and brimstone. Iman Ahmed’s ebbing electronic bass lines throw off the balance, it’s constant presence inciting terror akin to the impending ingestion triggered by the earth-shattering foot-steps of a hungry and aggravated T-Rex.

Descending video game arpeggios and the glitching of Jessica Dann’s intermittent drums connotes a signal failure, rendering the only barrier of electric fences compromised and an overwhelmingly existential feeling of it being game over. James Le Rock’s remix of Deadlands not only maintains the consuming fear of dread that dominates the original Hawxx single, but also amplifies and magnifies those fears tenfold.

Watch the video for James Le Rock remix of 'Deadlands' below.


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