Hawxx - Deadlands | EP Review

Shattering glass amidst the intensifying earthquake that they’ve been culpable of, London based quartet Hawxx are laying waste across the UK’s metal scene. Needless to say that they’re debut EP, Deadlands, is an evident force to be reckoned with as the double X chromosome signifies an accentuated primal determination to claim victory.

Title track ‘Deadlands’ unites elements of power metal and doom, of which the thick and heavy double bass team of drummer Jessica Dann and bassist Iman Ahmed coils tightly around your chest, resulting in a conflicting feeling of violation and indulgence.

The latest single ‘Blunt’ exudes seductive chaos; the wailing guitars from Hannah Staphnill and Anna Papadimitriou heralds domination of the dulcet kind, as Anna’s vocals on the line “you’re so fucking beautiful” are sung between gritted teeth with an amorous hand around the throat.

Beginning with sweet and serene clean chords coupled with the soothingly subdued vocals on ‘Low’, emphasises the gut-punch of the track’s main bulk. Compact with painstakingly tight virtuosic musicianship, the sweeping guitar solo imprints a euphoric infatuation of admiration.

The bitter-sweet fleeting EP comes to a close with ‘Dogma,’ a politically charged anthemic tune that incites revolution as the battle cry against unrealistic body images and human dysphoria. “We hate what’s ours…own my body, own my mind,” emphasised by a guttural call to arms screamed urgently from Iman.

Grabbing the metal scene by the balls, Hawxx have earned their spotlight as Deadlands straight up obliterates its surroundings upon impact.

Score: 9/10

Deadlands is self-released November 27th.

Purchase the EP here.