Hawxx Share Remixed Version of 'Blunt'

In their final segment of Frankenstein inspired remixes, Hawxx are the heavy metal priestesses that stalk the night and chase the shadows, having already proved their power not only with their Deadlands EP but also with the tracks’ malleability and ductility that producers Sean Kennedy, Jessica Winter, and James Le Rock have been able to manipulate.

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Held back and unleashed for the almighty finale is Night Movies’ remix of the track ‘Blunt;’ an ethereal and low-fi dosage injected into this originally warped and twisted tune. Anna Papadimitriou’s acapella and echoic vocals penetrate the brain, consuming your attention and twisting your surroundings. The tranquil illusion is shattered by Iman Ahmed’s stabbing bass bends and Jessica Dann’s sharp drums, the vocals rendered repetitive like a creepily

malfunctioning children’s doll.

When Anna’s vocals return, the fixed voice box is now reminiscent of staring into a vocoder through disturbed ripples in water, distorting the reflection of reality. Iman’s muffled bass and isolated sonar bleeps conjures an hallucination of being lost, fallen prey to Night Movies entanglement and struggling to find your way out of the hall of mirrors as the emergence of repetitive “over and over” lyrics once again confuse and dizzy your vision, thwarting the prospect

of ever finding escape.

Hannah Staphnill’s clean, soft guitar licks ascend delicately to the rescue, offering the sweet taste of salvation that results in the tracks’ outro being entirely unfamiliar when compared with the beginning of the nightmare. Night Movies creates an internal battle with their remix of ‘Blunt,’ redeeming the tragedy and presenting an alternative resolve that’s satisfying to ingest.


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