Hawxx Share Remixed Version Of 'Dogma'

The relentlessly fierce quartet Hawxx return this Friday with their second instalment of remixed war songs, their pride and joys from their debut Deadlands EP given form from the ashes of their blood, sweat and tears, being trustily passed into the hands of others. The surgeon for this rounds operation is Sean Kennedy, already having proved his talents and musical understanding with bassist Iman Ahmed’s solo ventures.

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His patient comes in the form of ‘Dogma’, a political statement that holds heavy the voice of half the world’s population, as Hawxx demand to not be defined by their physical appearance and to tackle the stigma surrounding body dysphoria and unrealistic body shapes head on. A delicate topic that needs a steady hand and sharp precision to maintain the vital framework, Kennedy makes his first incision with a crescendo into Anna Papadimitriou’s statement of ‘own my body, own my mind.’ As the chorus line, this lyric is the most crucial as the tracks reason for existence.

With pop-orientated vocals and hazily static white noise, a hard bass beat uninvitedly makes an entrance, as harrowing violins suggest something more sinister may be lurking beneath. Dismal and daunting string sections and an introduction of drum and bass beats are unrecognisable compared to Jessica Dann’s original blueprints, mixed with colossally distorted guitars emphasises the magnitude and urgency of the message. White noise cascades like a wave breaking the shore and crashes into the chorus, as Kennedy’s production adds weight like the sheer ferocious force of a flowing river.

The electronic trap elements in ‘Dogma (Remixed)’ completely vanish without a trace ahead of the impending breakdown, as Hawxx’s staple bone-crushing dual guitars from Anna and Hannah Staphill reclaim their throne with the deputy leadership of Iman’s battlecry supervising the helm. Each layer adds a new story on top of the archetypal narrative, Kennedy’s taboo union between ravenous heavy metal fraternises effortlessly with fiendish drum and bass.

‘Dogma (Remixed)’ is available across all streaming platforms now. Hawxx have also launched a GoFundMe page for those wanting to aid in the financing of their debut music video. Next Friday we’ll see title track Deadlands take to the dressing room for another transformation.


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