Hawxx Share Remixed Version of 'Low'

Dissolved are the vision blurring guitars, downtuned to within an inch of their lives, and from the husks of their threatening dominance emerges electronic waveforms that nonconsensually penetrate your pores. Warrior maiden’s Hawxx trade in their melodic weaponry and instead entrust their lovechild of an EP in the hands of others, birthing a new ferociously fourheaded beast in the form of Deadlands Remixed.

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This Friday marks the first of four releases. The first transformation is made with ‘Low,’ the tracks sludgey exterior being left in the care of producer Jessica Winter as her experience with producing acts from the likes of Jazmin Bean comes into play. Industrial drums and synthesisers give the chilling feeling of being lost in an abandoned warehouse; leaking water dripping off the edge of cold steely beams that loom above your head.

Deep thumping bass lines keep in line with the tracks originally twisted sense of doom, layer building upon layer until the chorus crumbles away and leaves Anna’s eerily ghostly backing vocals, causing you to wince as if a malicious entity were breathing softly against the back of your neck. Sidechain compression offers a beat in which to tap your foot and bob your head to, masking the vulnerability of the weighty dystopian lyrics; ‘Rivers break their banks and buildings bleed/ Roots and vines will climb as we retreat.’

Coming to a close on a wave of crescendoing white noise, Winter does ‘Low Remixed’ justice in keeping a tight grip on the tracks spiralling bad acid trip appeal, and opening up the door to an industrial trance audience. Hawxx’s ‘Low Remixed’ is available across all digital platforms now, and next week ‘Dogma’ goes under the knife.


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