“I like to think it'll make people sick” Sugar Horse Return with Claustrophobic New Video and Single

Following on from their surreally grim last single ‘The Great Shame’, Bristol based doomgazers Sugar Horse are back with yet another dose of dense dysphoria in the form of ‘Slam Dancing In A Burning Building’.

Grim, deadpan and granulating, the track see’s the band taking inspiration from shoegaze legends My Bloody Valentine and noise pioneers Sunn O))) all whilst sounding utterly sandblasting and incendiary. Accompanying the track is a claustrophobic 360 degree video which is most likely going to incite nausea on a mass scale.

“Lyrically this song is all about humanity’s constant need for MORE. Everyone and everything must always grow and be on a bigger and bigger scale,” state the band. “Whether it be hoarding the biggest wealth or building the biggest gun, no one ever seems to think 'enough'. It carries on as a biggest dick competition until something implodes. That implosion nearly always results in violence of some form and this lead me onto the subject of war."

“The constant need for weaponry that can kill more people at once than the other side. I drew heavily of the war poetry of Wilfred Owen, specifically Anthem For Doomed Youth. Although his work is very specifically about the horrors of war, I think this poem in particular describes the never-wavering march towards oblivion that die hard worship of the free market can result in.”

“The music video was made at the prestigious RS Studios in Bristol. We wanted to do something that wasn't your typical performance video. Something that was a bit more immersive. I like to think it'll make people feel quite sick..hopefully.”

To coincide with the release of the new single, Sugar Horse are also releasing their fantastic debut 2019 EP DRUJ on vinyl. Containing the EP and their stand alone singles so far, the release comes following the physical release of their DRUGS EP from last year.

“We really wanted to give DRUJ a proper physical release and thought it would be cool to chuck in all the singles with it. Christ knows the general public want value for money. I'm most excited to see the artwork in all it's full sized glory.”

DRUJ is available to purchase here. Watch the video for ‘Slam Dancing In A Burning Building’ below. You should probably grab a bucket first though.


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