Iman Ahmed – Eye to Eye | Single Review

Heartbreak, betrayal, and loss are facts of life, yet we’re still always blindsided whenever they eventually slap us across the cheek, the look of surprise always visible across our naive and gullible faces time and time again. After a while, eyes start to glaze over with the unwelcome salt of a river of tears, and the bile from our stomach creeps up to our throat and physically burns like that of the emotional treachery, forever changing the molecular cells of our being and slowly breaking us down…or making us stronger. Penned into a spiralling musical creation of such narratives, Iman Ahmed seeks to spit revenge with her latest single ‘Eye to Eye,’ and no one is safe.

Festering anger lingers on the tip of Iman’s tongue in this barrage of alternative metal hellfire, bubbling with white hot rage. A barrelling trickle of hatred and betrayal begins to seep through the cracks pushing harder and harder against a weakening dam before it’s inevitable ruin and the truth is spat out like cascading white water: “You’re eye level but you don’t see eye to eye.”

Soft vocals distract with dangerously soothing calmness, having you believe you are in safe hands. However it’s not the voice that spits venom, but instead panning guitars cause a dizzying sensation of confusion with riffs that channel and hold the bulk of the resentment. As a bassist first and foremost from her main band Hawxx, the bass lines dig deep into the surface and drag across your soul like an ironclad ball and chain, “scraping away down to the bone.”

Whilst music and creativity can do absolute wonders for the soul, the lyrics “climb into my core, disintegrate me,” will make you think twice before subjecting those around you to gaslighting doubt.


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