Immerse - The Weight That Holds Me Here | Album Review

Immerse have brutally buried their softer side with a filth-ridden sophomore record - and when we say it’s dirty, we mean it in only the best way. The Weight That Holds Me Here brings the band in with their most mature sounding album to date, leaving the 2018 debut Suffer as nothing but a distant memory and paving the way for a new generation of metalcore anthems.

In the years since the projects first on stage appearance in 2017 the band have fought themselves to a well earned position in the UK heavy music scene with a reputation for a ferocious live show and a string of acclaimed releases under their collective belt. Bristol has made its name as a distinct UK phenomenon over decades of the weird and wonderful. It’s a beautiful thing to witness a city so vibrant with such a diverse scene leading the charge with an extraordinary heavy scene, so it’s no wonder that this is where the band have made their home.

'Vile' kicks its listeners straight in the gut, the clear choice for the records opening number. Immerse have thought the tracklisting out endlessly when considering the best way to showcase their latest body of work, and as 'Burn' follows up without remorse to take a stand as a distinct highlight on the album, and undoubtedly in a ridiculous amount of live sets to come.

Those who enjoyed the calmer spots in an Immerse set should probably take our initial comment with a pinch of salt, as the ambience in the opening minutes of More is a thing of beauty, acting as the perfect prelude to the enigma that takes shape as 'Red Shade'.

Occasionally over the course of the record the bands pop-punk influences rear their heads almost flippantly, but it’s done with a finesse that lends itself well to the heavier blend that takes frontal focus. It's a welcome break from a manic exterior, and when listened to in its entirety genuinely makes the listening experience all the more visceral. The instrumentation on the complete record is tightly packed, gritty, and sharp but it’s really the diverse vocal range which takes the main focus, as the band make use of it in its entirety leaving no stone unturned. Well executed screams honed by years on the live circuit intertwine perfectly with the change to cleans, and the phrasing makes each vocal melody as prominent as its neighbour.

The Weight That Holds Me Here sits perfectly within its genre, showcasing every one of the bands strengths and playing on them to their fullest extent. It’s a record that's been so well produced it will be interesting to see how it’s carried off in a live environment, but with the bands reputation already preceding them, the south-west four piece have already proven they’re more than capable of delivering the goods.

Score: 8/10

The Weight That Holds Me Here is self-released March 26th.

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