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Kicking down the front door with frenzy inducing social commentary on a big screen scale, Hastings post-punk scoundrels Kid Kapichi are pushing their way to the top in 2021 with their eagerly anticipated debut LP This Time Next Year. Subverted and chaotic live shows have caused a stir amongst critics since the start of their career, and their high octane approach to their niche brand of punk rock has taken them from local touring circuits to Reading & Leeds festivals and beyond. The band's discography is diverse enough to engage some conflicting emotions, however one thing is irrevocably certain. If they’re good enough for the likes of Frank Carter, then they’re good enough for you.

And there are plenty more championing the south-east four piece than just the mighty Rattlesnakes frontman, with album single ‘Thugs’ receiving a nomination for ‘Best Rock Video Newcomer’ at the UK Music Video Awards. Comprising of joint vocal duties from Jack Wilson & Ben Beetham alongside Eddie Lewis (Bass ) & George Macdonald (Drums) the band have toured with punk veterans Fidlar and the notorious punk duo Slaves, building their home on the stage and writing two EP’s and a whole host of singles in the process. Written and recorded at the very height of the Coronavirus pandemic, Kid Kapichi are releasing their full length debut independently, and are already injecting a healthy dose of live show mania with the announcement of ‘The Big Sexy Tour 2021’.

A self built DIY effort from start to finish ‘This Time Next Year’ proudly displays each member of the band constructing their own unique piece of a thoroughly raucous puzzle. Even down to the engineering each aspect of the record was an insular affair, with co-vocalist Ben Beetham trying his hand at mixing and production - bringing the very essence of the UK quartet to the forefront of the record. Inventive, humorous with mountains of depth the band have delivered their most invigorating performance yet across 12 tracks of guitar driven riffs and expansive, grunge influenced tones. There’s an irony to the songcraft in terms of its lyrics, and there's certainly no desire to placate amongst the bands wordsmiths. Tracks such as ‘Self Saboteur’ ‘Violence’ & ‘What Would Your Mother Say’ tackle real world topics in a gravelly tone bulked out with conviction, and numbers along the lines of ‘First World Goblins’ & ‘Fomo Sapien’ are packed with catchy hooks a plenty and up tempo percussion.

This Time Next Year doesn’t let up whatsoever as it twists and turns its way through its track listing, quick paced and groove ridden. Diverse & ambitious, this is a record built on the foundations of punk rock - and Kid Kapichi should be proud of the LP they’ve created. The only downside is that we won’t be seeing the band on tour sooner.

Score: 7/10

This Time Next Year is self-released February 5th.

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