LÜT - The 5 Albums Behind Mersmak

In a manner not completely unlike the dearly missed blackened disco collective Pagan, the Norwegian punk yob LÜT are a band of contrast and juxtaposition. Born from a shared love of all things infectiously energetic and physically driving, the youthful quintet offer work that’s engineered to energise both the body and soul. Within their sugar fuelled output, elements of Klvertak, Blood Command and Turbonegro are all combined and forced to dance under the strobing neon lights in a manner that’s chaotic, danceable and jovial. It’s a challenge to pinpoint the overall sound of LÜT, but if one where to imagine Kvelertak going wild to indie-punk bangers or a sweaty and wild Paramore cracking skulls to Nordic blackened punk they would be pretty close.

With their forthcoming and Mike Schuppan (Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Dream Theater) mixed record Mermask now days away from release, we got in touch with guitarist Ørjan Nyborg Myrland to discover the top five records that inspired the creation of their latest album

Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains

"Maybe the album that inspired us most. Not necessarily only because of the music, but the whole Queens Of The Stone Age package and how they do things. A couple of months prior to going into the studio with Mersmak, Hans Marius (former guitarist in LÜT) and I went to Amsterdam to watch QOTSA play at Ziggo Dome on the Villains tour. The show was outstanding and really inspired our live shows and studio sessions with Mersmak. We also thought a lot about how this was their 15th or 16th time playing Amsterdam. It puts things in perspective thinking about how long it actually takes to build an audience like QOTSA has, selling out a venue like Ziggo Dome. Musically we think of them like stone cold sounding, easy played riffs and absolute genius songwriting. Still listening to the album on a regular basis."

Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See

"It's hard to only choose one Arctic Monkeys record, but it's something about the shamelessness mixed with the sweetness that works so well together with Suck It And See. I think all of us started to listen to Arctic Monkeys about 10 -11 years ago, and in a way that shaped us musically, preparing us to make our original music. Alex Turner has a really inspiring stage presence and the band is also super tight live. Mads (Erlend Ystmark, Guitar) actually had a chat with the band after they both played the Øya festival in Oslo in 2018. He is still very proud and starstruck from that moment. I can understand that!"

Ghost – Prequelle

LÜT really loves Ghost. There aren’t too many bands we all agree we love, but Ghost is definitely one of them. We always jam the songs at band practice haha. We have had the opportunity to watch them live a couple of times, and they always deliver outstanding performances. The whole mystery theme and vocalist presence is just so cool. It's great to have a modern rock band from our neighbouring country reminding us that it is possible to grow into a big household rock band, playing huge arenas, even if the genre isn't as popular as it was 40 years ago. Music wise: Great songs with even better toplines. Top 3 on most listened to every year.

ABBA - Gold

"What's not to love about ABBA?! Loving the distinctive ABBA-sound and the vulnerability in the songs. Some of us have even been to the ABBA museum in Stockholm haha. Here's a fun fact for you: After every LÜT show we always walk off stage to ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA. It's a great way to finish the show. We have done this since 2016 I think. In 2019 some of us went to a TOOL concert in Berlin. To our big surprise, they also ended the show with ‘Dancing Queen’. We don't know if this is something they have done for years or if they are just copying us. But what we do know is that our band is called LÜT because TOOL is pronounced LUT backwards (We were young at the time, okay). Either way, some illuminati stuff is happening in the LÜT/TOOL department, but just wanted to let you know that we think ‘Dancing Queen’ belongs to us and TOOL should stop using it and copying us."

The 1975 - I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

""This groundbreaking album showed everyone that in music you can do whatever genre you want and make it, as long as the songs are great!" And that is how Markus (Erlend Ystmark, Vocals) is describing the band he hasn't been able to stop talking about every five minutes the last year. I constantly get messages to check out an incredible web page, screens and props they are using on their live shows, music videos, new amazing songs and a lot, lot more. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to checking out "new" stuff, so maybe I will listen to him by the end of this year and click on some of the links he sends me. You know how it is with the links in the dm's."

Mersmak is released February 12th via Indie Recordings.

Pre-order the record here.


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