Lastelle - Delicate | EP Review

If you find yourself longing for captivating vocals and suspenseful guitar music that elevates a complex narrative, then Oxford quintet Lastelle will satisfy that hunger. The post-hardcore five piece are scheduled to release their latest EP Delicate on February 26th and its atmospheric texture is deep and compulsive from start to finish - a must have for fans of melodic hardcore and all round quality writing.

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With the record's singles coupled perfectly with a dose of entrancing visuals and heavy subject matter, Lastelle have set in stone a unique listening experience, and the thought of their collective discography out on the road is enough to fixate the minds of any technical music lover. Delicate will make its debut via Year Of The Rat and Beth Shalom Records, and even a first time listener will immediately draw the same conclusion - that Lastelle have completely outdone themselves.

It’s clear from the opening notes of ‘Distant Bodies’ how much dedication has been poured into the bands latest release, a place where accomplished songwriting paired with ambient and expansive sonics makes for a thoroughly addictive formula. ‘Departure’, the fourth track on the record is of monstrous design, with an overwhelming hit of emotion poured across a diverse vocal range. The engaging use of contrasts throughout their compositions are part of what makes Lastelle so interesting, solemn but at the same time energetic in momentum, and the flawless transitions from harsh screams into enthralling cleans make for an audio experience that leaves hairs standing on end.

The brilliance of this six track EP is sure to raise the question of ‘When is the full length coming?’, and a collective willing for the band to back on the live circuit as soon as possible. Years of relentless UK touring has led to the acquisition of a loyal and trusting fanbase, with their audience having no reason to question the musicianship of the southern road-worn veterans. Having shared stages with the likes of Polar, Parting Gift, and Reclaimer, Lastelle are certainly coming up swinging as ones to watch in the UK hardcore community, planting themselves firmly with their own creative flair.

Score: 8/10

Delicate is released February 26th via Year Of The Rat Records and Beth Shalom Records.

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