Mayday Parade - Out Of Here | EP Review

Not ones to get kept down by a cancelled North American tour in support of single “It is What It Is”. Emo-anthem generators Mayday Parade have come back swinging and riffing to elate their fans. Releasing a three track EP, Out of Here that features an edge the group's work hasn’t had in sometime.

The release is short and sweet, and a lot more riff-centric than some fans may recall of their previous release Sunnyland. Both opener 'First Train' and follow up 'Lighten up Kid' having all the pop-punk flavour and rhythm one could wish for. Perfectly supported with huge chorus hooks that lead singer Derek Sanders carries effortlessly into the melodic guitar work of Alex Garcia.

EP closing track “I Can Only Hope” is the Mayday-anthem longtime fans will crave. As the song opens its wingspan it’s clear this is more than an acoustic afterthought. Instead it is a pleasing finishing touch to a well-rounded EP, one that leaves listeners wanting more by that final utterance. One can only hope there’s more where this came from.

Score: 8/10

Out Of Here is released October 16th via Rise Records.

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