Monasteries Release 'Allowing Your Traitors To Die'

UK tech-death prospects Monasteries have unleashed a new single, as well as revealing details of signing with Seek & Strike records.

Titled 'Allowing Your Traitors To Die', the track takes a harrowed look into unrealistic expectations surrounding relationships, sound tracked by a barrage of beatdowns, slam riffs, and technical wizardry.

On the release itself, guitarist Aaron Wright said: "Lyrically, ‘Allowing Your Traitors to Die’ is a bleak realisation that there are no angels in any type of relationship; whether that represents friendship, love or family ties. There isn't always a singular entity to blame, we can always be as bad as one another, and we have to admit that. Whether we show our toxic traits out of spite or not, we have to welcome our mistakes with open arms, admit them and improve. It represents the toll that this takes on us on a day to day basis, and how this can influence our thoughts to become more sinister, more visceral. Musically, AYTTD is the product of Monasteries wandering along more unbeaten paths. It meanders through different genres, some dark and heavy, some light and melodic, but always retains the chaotic Monasteries tech-death sound."

It's been a busy week for Monasteries, On Thursday the band announced they had signed with US label Seek & Strike Records, home to the likes of Decayer, Orbit Culture, and Upon A Burning Body. "Monasteries are more than proud to announce that we are now signed to the incredible Seek & Strike label." Says Aaron, "Together, we will be releasing our next 5 track EP “Silence”, and will continue to work with them on a number of exciting projects in the future. “Silence” is presented as Monasteries' most eclectic work to date, seamlessly weaving together elements of endless genres previously unexplored by the band, such as Doom, Melodic Black Metal, and Drum & Bass, while retaining the furious and chaotic technical deathcore sound that Monasteries have become known for."

You can check out the video for the brutal, excellent 'Allowing Your Traitors To Die' below:

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