New Noizze: The 7 Must Listen Tracks Of The Week

We don't need to tell you that today is a big day for new music. You probably already knew that. Released today are new records from the likes of Evile, Last Hyena, Tetrarch, Cruelty, Osiah, some French band going by the number of Gojira, and loads of others across the whole alternative spectrum. But still, amongst the noise are brand new singles from a host of bands well deserving of your time. Here's just a few of the new tracks you need to get in your ears immediately.

Spiritbox - ‘Circle With Me’

Arguably one of the hottest band’s on the planet right now, Canada’s Spiritbox continue their ascent into the stratosphere with this massive new single. Harkening thoughts of tech-metal luminaires Tesseract and the ever enigmatic Sleep Token, ‘Circle With Me’ see the band’s delicate yet crushing sound further blossoming to showcase their intricate and ethereal take on expressive alternative metal. "This song was written in the studio as a last minute addition, one of the many reasons we are so grateful to no longer be exclusively working remotely”, states Courtney LaPlant. “It captures the spectrum of emotions I’ve been feeling lately about my music. From the anxiety I feel about messing up, to a confidence meant to protect me from self doubt.”

Origami Angel – ‘Noah Fence’

Some may call this explosive fifth-wave emo, others may define it as combustable agro pop-punk, Hell, some may go all in and say it sounds akin to a three-way collision of Modern Baseball, Invalids and Los Campesinos! whilst a shocked The Dillinger Escape Plan looks on. But regardless of what their peers may and try and define this as, the only true label that can be applied to this track and it’s respective record is sonic serotonin. Taken from Origami Angel’s new double LP Gami Gang - out today via Big Scary Monsters - ‘Noah Fence’ is a bombastic blast of imploding noise that see the band rushing through a whole crash of genre’s in just a few hectic minutes. Containing elements of punk, emo, hardcore and presented in a franticly loose wrapping of unfiltered discordance, this is a hectic and ceaselessly enjoyable exploration of a myriad of energetic genres.

Death Cult Electric - ‘The Fineprint’

Gentle, pacifying and mentally renewing; these are three terms that most definitely can’t be applied to the new single from dystopian alt-noise outsiders Death Cult Electric. Sounding not entirely unlike something someone would hijack BBC Radio One would play as a form of obscene protest, ‘The Fineprint’ is Death Cult Electric at their most surreal, incomprehensible and unsuitable. Coiled and bucking around a warped time signature, the track see’a the Welsh noise-rockers once again tapping into all things bizarre and sociality surreal, with the track being the musical equivalent of a satirically bizarre David Lynch flick on the horrors of corporate living. Just straight up bizarre, holistic and oddly hypnotic.

Herzschlager - ‘Lazarus Moment’

With the band being birthed forth due to lockdown related restraints, Herzschalger see members of Allfather tread the waters of filth-clad hardcore punk to revolving effect as proven by their debut track ‘Lazarus Moment’. Taken from their upcoming EP All The Nights Are Done, the track see the duo dive into the pungent depths of d-beat hostility and corrosive down-tuned punk to narrate their uncensored frustrations at the sorry state of this miserable world. Like a broken bottle melee between Trap Them and The Bronx, this is violent fun at it’s most confrontational and unapologetic.

Fresh – ‘Over There’

Taken from group’s new EP The Summer I Got Good At Guitar, out today on Specialist Subject, ‘Over There’ see the Fresh punks further progressing the sound they captured on their last record with further determinism and avenging purpose. An indie-pop blast of early summer warmth with a sharpened bladed edge, the track mares authentic lived-in experience with scuzzed cerebral catchiness to haplessly lovable effect. Like essentially all of their material released to date, this track and it’s respective EP is another fantastic release from one of the UK’s most under-sung acts.

Red Fang – ‘Funeral Coach’

The latest teaser of the stoner-sludge legend’s forthcoming record Arrows, ‘Funeral Coach’ is the natural continuation of Red Fang’s primitively lovable sound. A true and authentic slab of prehistorical riffage at it's most fundamentally raw, ‘Funereal Coach’ see the band retaining their long established sound whilst treading new darkly hedonistic waters. “I was driving around and I saw a hearse that said, ‘funeral coach services’ on the back”, states vocalist and bassist Aaron Beam on the new track. “So the first thing that popped into my head was a dude with a headset and a clipboard going, ‘Alright, dudes—more tears! Five minutes in is when the tears are critical, or no one’s gonna believe that anyone cares that this person died.’”

Never Loved - ‘Autumn’

Released after an age of teasing and vague gesturing, ‘Autumn’ is the new single from pop laced alt-rock upstarts Never Loved. Spanning years in the making and honed during the quarantine period, the track is a pure statement of intent and purpose from the forlorn Florida trio and serves as a personal yet relatable documentation of the kaleidoscope of emotions that follow heartbreak and romantic loss. Showing the group’s pop and grunge influences on it’s rolled up sleeve, the track is the single released from the band’s forthcoming debut LP Over It, which is released May 14th via Equal Vision Records.