New Noizze: The 7 Must Listen Tracks Of The Week

Apparently it's almost summer. You would never know by looking outside however. Still, weather aside, this week has seen some absolute monster releases from the likes of indie-punks Fightmilk, Seeyouspacecowboy, If I Die First and Lift, the ambient electronica project from Frontierier frontman Dan Stevenson. On top of that we've also been treated to some massive singles over the past week. Here's the top seven tracks you need to get on right now.

Bicurious - ‘Palapalapa’

The latest single from the Dublin post-rock and math-rock duo, the new effort from Bicurious can only be described as a form of feverish sonic delirium. Harkening thoughts of All Hail Bright Futures era And So I Watch You From Afar at their most loose and wild, ‘Palapalapa’ is an utterly infectious excursion into the murky waters of chemical hedonism. Combined with its claustrophobic and unchained video documenting such intoxicated madness and the mental descent that comes with it, ‘Palapalapa’ is without a doubt the Bicurious’ most charismatically mad offering to date and wonderful encapsulation of the youthfully feral energy that binds this band together. It's hard to not like the bit where they say palapalapa.

Underdark - ‘Coyotes’

The antifascist post-black metal group Underdark have finally returned from the borderlands with an awe-inspiring statement of intent and purpose. The first track from their forthcoming debut long play Our Bodies Burned On Re-Entry - which is released July 30th via Surviving Sounds, Through Love Records and Tridroid Records - ‘Coyotes’ laments the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the US/Mexico border. Dwelling on the perpetual bloodshed and misery that has been stoked in recent years by fascist ideologies, the group viscerally detail the torment that takes place upon the border through blistering blackened rage and ethereal atmospheric emotion. There’s a lot of buzz around the future of post-black metal as of late, but going from this single, Underdark are set to take the genre into culturally crucial new territory before the year is up.

Superlove - ‘btw! i adore u’

Try to imagine Loathe writing a sugary sweet pop bop. That’s the closest we can come to shortly summarising the new single from self-confessed ‘noise pop’ unit Superlove. An ultimately infectious track that marries dangerously down-tuned tones with candy pop structures, ‘btw! i adore u’ continues to showcase Superlove’s ethos on utterly disregarding banal genre limitations. "’btw! i adore u’ is a song that came about so quickly for us”, state the band. “It combines our love for pop music and heavy music in a ways that we’ve wanted to by putting no limitations on anything, an “anything goes” thought process was behind it. We grew up with the sounds of very early 2000’s style of production and melody so to reference that in the track was really fun too."

Boss Keloid - ‘Smiling Thrush’

The latest track taken from their wildly anticipated new record Family The Smiling Thrush, the titular ‘Smiling Thrush’ is further proof that Boss Keloid are one the best acts to be found within the mirages of heavy prog. A soaring and euphoric ode to the waves of grief, loss and love that come following the death of a parent and guardian, the single sees the band delving ever deeper into their signature kaleidoscopic sound in order to reach hope for a brighter future. This is a truly emotional recount of a life long relationship and journey retold in a way that’s musically unorthodox and thrillingly ambitious.

Brasher - ‘Scorpions’

This is certainly a rowdy one. The latest single from the Bristolian punks Brasher, ‘Scorpions’ is a true storming of pure unchained adolescent rage that sounds akin to The Bronx violently wasted on home-brewed South Western cider. Unapologetically harsh, confrontational and DIY, Brasher continue to be the sound of the jilted and pissed punk youth.

Filth Is Eternal - ‘Zed’

Previously going under the moniker of Fucked And Bound, as you can imagine, the latest single from Filth Is Eternal is far from a sanitized affair. Their first single since signing to their new home of Church Road Records on this side of the Atlantic, ‘Zed’ is a churning and fermented shot of fermented hardcore that’s comparable to the likes of War On Women and a more punk orientated Thou. For those uninitiated with such acts, try and imagine a crust-coated Cancer Bats. Dripping with putridity and sediment, this is modern hardcore with classic punk sensibilities at it’s most unrefined and brilliant.

White Moth Black Butterfly - ‘Soma’

The contemporary outsider pop project of Tesseract vocalist Daniel Tompkins, White Moth Black Butterfly’s latest single ‘Soma’ see’s the collective contemplating the value of time and how it’s infinite nature contrasts with our finite lifespans. Taken from the group’s rapidly approaching new record The Cost Of Dreaming which drops May 28th on Kscope Records, the single showcases the angelic vocals in which Tompkins has become renowned for albeit in a fresh manner and sets the stage for the record’s guest work from Skyharbor’s Keshav Dhar and string arranger Randy Slaugh.

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