New Noizze: The 7 Must Listen Tracks Of The Week

Been too busy spinning from the new records from Boss Keloid Rise Against, Red Fang and Worm Shepard to check out all the new singles out this week? We got you. From mystic synthpunk to mad collaborations here are the 7 new singles you need to check out right now.

Jamie Lenman ft. Djamila Azzouz - ‘Powerless’

This may one of the most brutal tracks from Jamie Lenman’s solo career. Originally premiering during his recent Separation Event livestream, ‘Powerless’ features Jamie Lenman collaborating with Ithaca’s Djamila Azzouz for an incendiary summarisation of the collective sense of hopelessness we have all experienced during the ongoing pandemic. Recorded and taken right off the floor of the stream, the single smashes together the dynamic fury of Ithaca with Lenman’s signature versatility and the explosive percussion of Jack Wrench, formally of Arcane Roots. “‘Powerless' was most definitely written under the shadow of the virus, to express those feelings of helplessness, particularly at the collapse of the entertainment industry”, states Lenman. “I wanted to reach out and ask how other people were coping with it, to give it a broader emotional scope than just one person's view, so I asked Djamila from Ithaca to write half the lyrics. We met on my tour at the end of 2019 and I knew she'd bring something amazing to the table - I'm so glad I got her down to Separation Event and on my single.”

NO:IR - ‘Spineless’

The latest single from the Bristolian berserkers NO:IR, ‘Spineless’ see’s the band staking their claim as a crucial act within the nu-metal renaissance. Harkening thoughts of current groundbreaking and trailblazing acts such as Tallah, Tetarach and Lotus Eater, ‘Spineless’ is a direct and frenzied stab at the smog of misinformation and at the authorities in power currently trying to dilute the authenticity of creatives worldwide. Produced and mastered by Phoxjaw’s Josh Gallop, the track is a crucial listen for anyone with an interest in the currently blossoming nu-metal scene and reliable proof that NO:IR’s forthcoming record Are We Really Alive? is set to resonate with the hordes upon it’s impending release.

Kælan Mikla - 'Ósýnileg'

Channeling the enigmatic and ancient divination of their native Iceland, the latest single from the synthpunk witches Kælan Mikla is a dark pop dirge that’s equal parts ethereal and mystical. Much like the rest of the trio’s discography to date, 'Ósýnileg' is an aural manifestation of primeval power that’s articulated with post-modern technique under an aura-lit sky. The video for the track wonderfully showcases this, with director Arna Beth visualising the track’s profound mysticism via otherworldly landscapes and polytheistic imagery that showcases Kaelen Mikla’s power in musically articulating sacred ice-caked magick. Watch the video for Ósýnileg below.

Free Throw - ‘Ocular Pat Down’

The third track taken from Piecing It Together, ‘Ocular Pat Down’ continues to elaborate on the record’s sentiment of Free Throw taking into stock what they previously taken for granted prior to collapse of the entertainment industry. A bittersweet whirl of matured and weathered emo sensibilities, the track looks into the cruel fate that countless venues the world over have faced during the last year or so, with many being left to decay, empty and hollow. It’s potentially the group’s most experienced and mature work to date, and with a hook like that, Piecing It Together is set to be the group’s most esteemed outing of their career thus far.

Blood Command - ‘A Villains Monologue’

To say that this new single is begin a new chapter of Blood Command’s career would be an understatement. Relentlessly energetic and unconsolable, ‘A Villains Monologue’ is the ceremonial offering that ushers in the new era for the Bergen deathpop unit, one that now see’s Nikki Bremen formally of Pagan now in the fold. Joining the group to chase her iconic love for Norwegian extremity, as proven with this simply absurd track, Nikki’s inclusion only adds incredible animation and fervour to Blood Command's already boisterous and dynamic work. Whereas Blood Command have already been the subject for praise and unbridled adoration for years now, this new era to see the Norwegian unit take the world as their own.

James And The Cold Gun - ‘Plug Me In’

With electric and steamy swagger, the new single from James And The Cold Gun is a bonafide alt-rock ripper dedicated to full bodied volume. The latest single from the Cardiff duo to be released on Venn Records, the track puts the guitar at the centre and features eight different people on climaxing ‘solo’ – a term used loosely here - at the end of the song. “We thought it'd be funny to just let everyone have a go at ripping a solo and making some weird noises even if they've never played guitar before,” explains James Joesph.“With our music, I really want to encourage more people to give playing guitar a go, you don't have to be technically proficient, you just have to have fun with it!”

Me Rex - ‘Galena’

The first taste of Me Rex’s upcoming 52-track debut Megabear – yes that is correct, 52 tracks – ‘Galena’ is the wholesome indie speckled introduction to a release that’s designed to upheave the concept of the standard linear record. Instead of an undeviating track listing, Megabear is constructed of 52 different segments that have no preset order. The record is designed to be shuffled with every listen, with Megabear and Me Rex offering a totally unique yet cohesive experience with each consequential spin. Even the physical vinyl version, which released August 23rd via Big Scary Monsters, is pressed with a random track listing, making each copy totally unique. Whilst such an experiment in contemporariness is unorthodox, going from this track and the recorded being visually represented by a full deck of tarot cards, this release is set to be something magical indeed.

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