Our Hollow, Our Home - Burn In The Flood | Album Review

Packed to the very brim with face melting lows and delicious beatdowns, the Southampton metalcore kings are set to release their latest full length LP this coming Friday. Aptly titled Burn In The Flood, Our Hollow, Our Home will be releasing their third studio album via their own label Hollow Music and join the ranks of a new movement sweeping the UK heavy music community, bypassing corporate labels completely and taking every win in their stride. Over the course of the last three years the south coast quintet have become somewhat of a cornerstone of UK metalcore, making their mark in UK heavy music with each respective release and tour. After the incredible reaction to their enormous second record In Moment // In Memory it would have no doubt been easy for the band to have sat on their laurels and contemplated their success for the rest of their career. Instead the band have worked hard and waited, and are now set to launch what could potentially be the turning point in a career currently spanning eight years.

Each of the 11 tracks on the album immerses it’s listeners in a completely independent storyline, tied together in theme but stand alone in their unique narratives. Featuring a collection of guest appearances and signature Our Hollow, Our Home breakdowns, Burn In The Flood is a powerful beast and a brutal sonic experience. The entire record takes a more aggressive direction than their previous material, and each emotion conveyed is clearly a raw and personal experience from the off. Whilst each track is a masterpiece in its own right, it’s clearly the ninth track in the listing that takes the crown. ‘Children of Manus’ is a fusion of the records influences throughout and whilst it clocks in at just under four minutes, if it never ended it’s closure would still be too soon.

The penultimate track on the record ‘Blood’ brings a brief moment of calm amongst the carnage. Soaring clean’s backed by gentle instrumentation showcase the band at their most exposed, and comes as a completely unexpected turn after its nine predecessors. A complete contrast to tracks such as ‘Remember Me’ by a long shot, which launches straight into a barrage of melodic metalcore to evoke a powerful feeling of emotional growth reinforced by guest vocals from none other than Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake.

Alongside new album and merch news the band have announced a huge run of UK & EU dates for this coming Autumn with a chaotic lineup of metalcore juggernauts including THECITYISOURS, Chuggaboom & For I Am King. There is no mistaking that Burn In The Flood has been written with the intent of being showcased in a live setting, and ticket holders should prepare to be firstly mesmerized, and then crushed beneath the weight of a musical collective that are only on an uphill climb.

Score: 9/10

Burn In The Flood is released May 28th via Hollow Music.

Pre-order the record here.