Overrider - Re:ntegration | EP Review

For a band that keep a scarce online presence, enigmatical electronica duo Overrider certainly made a row within the digital sphere back in May. Utilising the human emotions of isolation, anxiety and mental turmoil - emotions well understood by many given the time of the release - Overrider released Cyc|er, a neon-shrouded record spawned by the group’s love for post-rock, shoegaze and the underground hacker aesthetic. Whilst the record was a brilliant piece of work and an introduction to a band that intertwines the turbulent human condition with ethereal digital ambience and aggression, it was originally intended to be the band’s only piece of work this year. However, spurred on by chance encounters and the productivity of lockdown, Overrider are back again with Re:ntegration.

The product of isolated induced productivity, the secretive mechanisms of sleep and fevered encounters with passed loved ones within the realms of dreams, Re:ntegration revisits the same glitching cyberpunk mantras expressed within Cyc|er but is of an entire different tone and ambience entirely. Whereas their previous release this year saw the band cocooned in overlays of calculated unicode and of synthetic creation, Re:ntegration is a lot more organic, concise and for a lack of better prose, human. Recoded across the span of numerous late night production sessions, the manufactured skin of Overrider has been transmogrified into flesh and bone, the algorithmic fractions of their craft crunched and made physically palpable - something made possible with the greater emphasis on guitars, melodic circuiting riffs and drum lines.

Like the symmetry of carbon based life, this record enjoys a clear sense of mirroring, with riffs and electronic motifs being repeated and remixed throughout the record. Opener ‘Runn:ig Hot, a track in similar vein to Cyc|er, documents the surge of productivity that comes with the stillness of late night with frenzied suburban restlessness, glitching composure and a newfound focus on composed riffs. In contrast, closer ‘Awaken:ng’ is the opposite in a manner of regards. A track exploring the cortisol spike that comes with morning, the closer is far more frantic and almost post-metal like in structure, with it’s frantic breakbeats courtesy of John Simm (Cleft) brawling with energised riff from before with hormonal like haste. In similar vein, ‘Gr:dsleep’ and ‘The Thaw’, tracks about the nature of dreams and our brains inability to retain them, bask in almost ambient like soundscapes that fracture and dissolve into bombastic frustration in the latter track.

Without a doubt though, the centrepiece of this record, in literal sense, is ‘Vo:ces In The Dark’. The singularity that binds the EP together, the track tentatively documents the aforementioned emotional encounter with a surprising melancholia that’s almost akin to post-hardcore bittersweetness. Relatively short and streamlined, this is the musical equivalent to someone frantically noting an extremely poignant dream upon awakening, a sonic tale and a brief but exposing insight into the band urgently crafting art outside their normal means in order to experience catharsis.

It’s impossible not to feel both the urgency and creativity flowing ethereally through this record. It’s another brilliant vision into the minds of two producers who amalgamate synthetic musicianship with the troubled and unquantifiable condition of the mind. Though greatly enjoyable in it’s sonic form, the best way to experience this EP is by watching the short film that accompanies the release, with the band visualising the emotion, ambience and outsider creativity that cloaks this record in observable form. Nether less, however you decide to experience this record, it’s inarguable that Overrider are one of the most lucrative acts to emerge as of late.

Score: 8/10

Re:tegration is self-released October 9th. Pre-order the EP here.


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