PREMIERE: NRVS Share Video For New Single 'See Yer Hate To Be Yer'!

The internet and social media’s control over the current era is a tricky obstacle course to conquer without suffering in it’s darkened malicious corners, and sci-fi punk duo NRVS (pronounced ‘nerves’,) utilise anonymous personas that aid them on their journey on the digital path. Revelling in the anti-establishment/counter-culture lyrical themes that appear in punk music, the twosome present their distaste for dystopian environments, ecological collapse and social dislocation between punk grit and alternative grooves.

We’re delighted to announce that we at Noizze are premiering NRVS’ brand new single, ‘See Yer Hate To Be Yer,’ released on all streaming platforms today (22nd January 2021.) The track consists of crucial crunchy fuzz, and takes a hit at the bourgeoisie inhabitants and empty promises that infest the facade of London; the duos hometown.

Lyrics that state, “guess they don’t make ‘em like they used to do” can summarise the duos feelings toward many areas of the 21st Century, a trait that crawls its way into the tracks composition. Influenced by the likes of The Breeders and any 90s alt rock artist from the dreary landscape of England, the pair state they’ve recycled “production that feeds all that’s left of punk rock, into a sonic meat grinder to produce raw beats like an exquisitely choreographed high-speed car crash.”

The aural fuzz of shoe gaze energies act as a time machine to when ‘things were better in my day,’ the music videos animation of a morphing box initially displaying characteristics of an Etch-a-Sketch and retro 8bit gaming. An anti-eulogy to small mindedness and toxicity of merry-go-rounding the same ol’ situation, highlights the dangers of blind ignorance and the importance of independence.

Check out the brand new single and video for ‘See Yer Hate To Be Yer' below.


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