PREMIERE: Sienna Release Video For Endlessly Catchy New Single ‘Cortina’!

Cardiff indie-rockers Sienna are back with an endlessly catchy new single in the form of ‘Cortina’ and we are well hyped to premiere the video for it.

Released via Stereo Brian Records (Last Hyena, The Nightmares, Nightlives), ‘Cortina’ showcases and fully encapsulates what Sienna are about. Capturing the irrefutably huge sound synonymous with acts such as Foals and Royal Blood before tinting it with a DIY ethos and distant callings of post rock, the new single showcases the group’s ability to analyse the genre they take on with crucial self-awareness. Exploring how the majority of first-person written songs within the world of indie carry a sense of predatory drive, ‘Cortina’ is a breath of fresh air from a band navigating their own way through the indie field.

“Cortina was intended to essentially be a reflection of the typical ‘unrequited love song’ often found within our genre”, state the band. The lad in the song is one that would usually be the protagonist of the narrative, pining after this girl that he’s clearly fixated on and as the song would typically be in first person the listener would have an automatic attachment to him, instantly making them sympathetic to the pain that this is causing him. I wanted to switch it to third person, taking away the inherent emotional connection to show the listener that at the core of them, these sort of songs are ultimately unhealthy and, in some cases, genuinely concerning.”

Watch the video for ‘Cortina’ below and keep an eye and ear out for more news and music from Sienna soon.