PREMIERE: The Nova Hawks Release Warm New Single 'Run Wild'

Acoustic guitars, humble organs, and nostalgic strumming patterns are the antidote to the cold and harsh adverse weather conditions that threaten to seep through your windows whilst you peacefully lay your head to rest at night. The Nova Hawks’ latest single ‘Run Wild’ from their brand new album Redemption, teleports you to the American South, revelling in the sticky humidity and the smell of horses just as nature intended, with a sad attempt at a twang in your accent and a skip in your cowboy-booting step.

We at Noizze are honoured to be premiering the cinematically serene ‘Run Wild,’ including the accompanying retro music video from the Brit-based duo. Combining the grainy warmth of analogue videography, scenes of dust ridden cacti, and an abundance of cowboy hats, Heather Leoni’s vocals run wild with blues riddled swagger. Much like the tender yet gravelled voices of Dead Posey or Dorothy, the air of femininity adds sweetened notes that lick teasingly at the ears.

A story of unbridled and rebellious love, whether with another human being or with life itself, the lyrics evoke a care-free aura with the risky but often worth it spontaneity: “I wanna know what love is, I wanna enjoy this ride. Let the waters wash me, and take me with the tide.” Blink and you’ll miss the countryfied guitar solo that acts as the foundation toward the end of the track, a subtle yet dominant element that plays out into a gospel choir.

Harmonies that elevate this track to a higher level and push for audience participation will be a welcomed feature when live shows make their abundant return, as ‘Run Wild’ is the angel to the devils’ that inhabit Redemption.

Watch the video for 'Run Wild' below.


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