PREMIERE: WACO share new video for cosmic single ‘Watch The Skies’!

Cosmic rockers WACO are back with a cautionary tale on attracting the wrong form of attention with their new video for ‘Watch The Skies’ and us at Noizze are overjoyed to premiere it.

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Taken from their acclaimed new record Hope Rituals, as one can imagine the video for ‘Watch The Skies’ see’s the optimistic psych-rockers experiencing a hedonistic encounter of a celestial kind. All parts fun, adventurous and enjoyably grisly, the video is a great encapsulation of all things WACO.

On the topic of the video, the band states, "This song is about our alien ancestors and their imminent return. Our planet was seeded by ancient advanced humanoids many moons ago. As a species, we have strayed from the original path that was laid out for us. Our extraterrestrial foremothers and forefathers are coming back to sort it all out. Any minute now."

“In September 2020, we went camping in the marshes of east London. We documented our trip."

Watch the official video for ‘Watch The Skies’ and check out totally official leaked documentation exclusively below. Hope Rituals is out now Venn Records, You can purchase record here.