Riskee And The Ridicule on Attitude, Politics and Backwards 2

Politically charged grime-punk straight from the garden of England - Riskee & The Ridicule take shape in an unpredictable fusion of sonics. Grime, Hip-Hop and Hardcore influences all bound together by intelligent lyrical phrasing - with the epitome of punk-rock in their very roots.

The latest addition to a stage shaking discography comes in the form of Backwords 2, a continuation on the narrative set by Backwords, the ninth track from the acclaimed 2017 album Blame Culture. Backed by powerful guitar tones the trademark vocals of frontman Scott Picking paint a crystal clear image of the influential hold that the media slowly wraps around the public interest, a projection of distorted truths and false narratives projected directly onto the public eye. Distinctively less acoustically orientated than its predecessor, 'Backwords 2' is a matured extension articulating the bands collective voice on its subject matter.

The chorus is what really gives the track its power with it’s heavy melodic focus throughout, but it's really the ambience disguised directly in the centre of the composition that brings the songs hidden treasure. Riskee & The Ridicule sit perfectly across a multitude of genres with their latest release, and if 'Backwords 2' is anything to go by then the band have raised what has always been a very high bar for any records to come.

We stopped for a chat with vocalist Scott Picking to get some more details on the new single, their upcoming headline performance at Attitude Festival and plans for heading back to Europe.

Backwords made its debut back in 2017 and Backwords 2 is obviously a developing continuation of that narrative. What prompted you to make such a standpoint with part 2?

Scott: "I feel like the concept was lost last time around. I wanted to show lyrically that I’m capable of doing things others can’t. I wanted a video that could clearly show what I was doing with the word play. My political beliefs always bleed onto the tracks it just came out."

Does the release of new singles mean there's a new album in the works?

Scott: "Nothing is set in stone. We’ve used this time to write. We’ve got a lot of new songs we’re sitting on so we’ll see."

How would you best describe your band to new fans? Is there a particular message that you look to send with your music?

Scott: "We’ll leave that up to you. All the messages are in the songs take what you want from our music, it’s yours now."

What would you consider to be the biggest problem in respect of the media at the present time?

Scott: "Rupert Murdoch."

You guys have announced a bunch of UK tour dates. Any plans to head back to Europe in the pipeline?

Scott: "Yeah we’re booked! We’re looking to announce some huge dates for the Mainland very soon. Can’t wait to get back there."

Let's talk a bit about Attitude Festival - you guys have been booked as a headliner for an event that is designed to showcase some of the best live acts on the circuit right now. You’ve always had a reputation for some wild live shows - are you confident you’re going to fill the attitude shoes on this one?

Scott: "I’m sure we’ll manage."

Are there any other bands on the lineup that you guys are gonna get down early to see?

Scott: "Burnout, Blue Carpet Band and it’s going to be great seeing Bob Vylan."

Any other festival plans for the year? I bet there are some hungry fans waiting to get back to the front.

Scott: "Dodgy year for festivals so I’m not sure what’s going ahead. Ghost Road Fest is happening we’re playing the London show so that will be a good’un. Manchester Punk Festival is where it’s at. Always a fantastic line up we’ll see what they’re up to next year."

Speaking of live shows, if you were going to play the ultimate Riskee & The Ridicule set list with no time constraints - what would that look like?

Scott: "30 minutes of whatever with lots of crowd surfing."

What motivates you all the most as writers?

Scott: "The prospect of people singing back our songs and having a great night with us."

Is there usually a soul lyric writer in the band, or do you all have something to say when writing your words?

Scott: "I write all the lyrics, the band work on the arrangements and build the music around the vocal melody. Occasionally we do things a little differently but that’s our standard formula."

Have you always been so politically motivated as a collective, or have you found yourselves encouraged to be more vocal as your careers have progressed?

Scott: "We encourage each other haha. A lot of our private conversations revolve around political frustrations. I think as you get older you are forcibly made more conscious. Your politics grows with you and you can always learn. "

Who would you say are the biggest influences behind your current sound?

Scott: "I wouldn’t say who, I’d say what. My own feelings are what inspires how the songs go, so it’s life I guess. I can’t answer for the rest of the band but I personally haven’t been listening to much music lately."

Just to finish up, if you guys were hitting the road and could take any two bands out for support - who would it be and why?

Scott - "BOTTLEKIDS & The Pleasure Dome would be a great tour."

Attitude Fest takes place September 26th at The Exchange, Bristol.

See the full lineup below.


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