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It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a frightening and devastating mess for us all in one way or another due to the struggles surrounding COVID-19, whose long term impact on society is still not fully known as we slowly reemerge from lockdown. However, one thing we know for certain is that the London based DIY Rockers Saint Agnes pushed their limits to the max with their new revealing mini-Album Vampire, which is set to entice, enthral and enlighten audiences with its ferocious social commentary.

Before we all sought refuge for the safety of our loved ones, Saint Agnes were riding high off of the success of their debut album Welcome to Silvertown; as well as hitting the ground running with a string of tour dates and festival appearances culminating in the bands solo show at The Black Heart in Camden selling out in less than 15 minutes and even in the midst of lockdown the band were in no way slowing down. In saving themselves from cabin-fever, music production became the primary focus of the band which produced a steady flow of cover tracks accompanied by iPhone vignette-videos all created out of front women Kitty A. Austin & lead guitarist Jon James Tufnell’s East London abode.

While providing some solace and excitement out of the mind blowing new renditions of classic tracks, the band were also quietly working on Vampire as an outpouring of the thoughts and feelings rising to the surface in these trying and unprecedented times, which produced some of their most masterful hard hitting tracks to date, such standout additions include the titular track, ‘Wish’ and ‘This World Ain’t Big Enough’.

The albums namesake and third single in its album cycle ‘Vampire’ serves as the resident hate-bater ode to social medias harmful influence. Its relatable and enlightening subject matter suckers you in with its Vicious Dark Pop flavour as major truth bomb energy is defiantly sounded off throughout, including “Jealousy’s a currency, hate yourself to bankruptcy” which leaves quite the sting once the reality of the record truly sets in.

Carrying on this aggressive and pessimistic attitude towards modern society’s usage of social media, comes SA’s defiant cover of ‘Wish’ originally written and performed by the Buckeye Industrial Rockers Nine Inch Nails. Originally written out of despair from living in a seemingly meaningless world, Saint Agnes reinvention of the 1992 hard hitter feels strangely reminiscent of the 80’s shock rockers the Plasmatics, which just ups the appeal as an inspired accompanying track to the albums namesake with its disenchanted viewpoint which can easily be compared to the gripe with the worlds online obsession with fictitious realities.

Breaking away from the main antisocial media messaging; Saint Agnes expertly delves into the torturous cost of living in a microcosm on their newest combative rhapsody ‘This World Ain’t Big Enough’. Serving the perfect blend of ethereal brutality as battle lines are drawn for an incredible war immersed within the music, Kitty and her fellow band members fight it out for dominance at every twist and turn across this alternative goth tornado. The track has a certain transcendent quality about its persona that feels fresh and inviting while inhabiting the group's much loved savage beauty, which is why it is so easy to label it the epitome of an addictive banger.

Experiencing the wrath and poetic artistry across this latest passion project is startling yet deeply informative, the care and attention the band put into creating this satisfying venture is a testament to their undeniable talent and ability to produce the goods under a mountain of pressure. Vampire will go down as a monumental moment in the bands history and it’s easy to decipher as to why once you open your mind and explore the vast wondrous world Saint Agnes have built.

Score: 8/10

Vampire is released March 26th via Death Or Glory Gang Records.

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