Skywalker - Late Eternity | Album Review

From A Day To Remember fanboys through to a journey that's turned their band into EU touring heavyweights, Skywalker are taking no prisoners with their trademark brand of emotionally prominent post hardcore as they gear up for the release of their latest LP Late Eternity this February.

Hailing from the Czech Republic, the last decade has been one hell of a ride for the Prague four piece. Having shared stages with the likes of Beartooth, Normandie and Deez Nuts, the quartet have been kicking back hard with poignant lyrics and their own refined blend of hardcore and melody. Since the release of their independent first record Sugar House in 2017 the bands crushing performance of melodic hardcore has earnt them fans from all corners of the globe with a packed touring schedule thats seen them leave venues in a haze all the way from Poland to London, Berlin & back again. Championed for years by online metal platform Dreambound and now signed for their latest release via Pale Chord, it’s gratifying to see Skywalker so boldly making an entrance as one of the main players in the European hardcore community.

A fusion of grueling breakdowns, catchy hooks and harsh vocals - Late Eternity is the most inclusive collection of the band's work to date. From the word go ‘No Leader’ sets the pace for the magnitude of the remaining 12 tracks still to come. Behind the lead singles that have been steadily paving the way for fans old and new, there has evidently been a great deal of thought towards the records marketing campaign. ‘Ignis’, ‘Every Grief’, ‘Setting Stone’ & ‘Charon’s Song’ were the perfect choices to summarise the musicianship demonstrated across the entirety of the bands latest and greatest full length, and pique the interest of any bystander that has not heard their name. Every inch of each composition is reinforced layer by layer - at the forefront, guitar driven riffs and the bands signature guttural screams, yet behind every note there’s a thoroughness to the production that’s left no stone unturned. Each member's own signature style comes through in a show of brilliance & unified as one voicing.

Potentially their most personal album yet, Skywalker lay themselves bare with an honest narrative and their hearts on their sleeves. Despair, depression, love, loss and loneliness are all feelings we all know too well, and Skywalker have gift wrapped the lot under the cover of Late Eternity - a relatable tale of our own darkest moments. The love the band show towards their fanbase is second to none, and the best gift they could have given is solace through the form of their own music.

Late Eternity is a familiar taste, but at the same time is its own unique beast. Skywalker have really played to their strengths with this one, and have retained every ounce of their originality throughout. From start to finish the record exerts a trope to the greats of their genre, and it’s only a matter of time before Skywalker are elevated to join them.

Score: 7/10

Late Eternity is released February 19th via Pale Chord.

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