Springs - 3:17am | EP Review

Hailing from Birmingham, Springs are an exciting, up and coming 4 piece, taking influences from indie as well as rock, metal, electronica and in some cases jazz. Their music features something for everyone. Each member brings something unique to the table, with instrumentalists from Metal and Jazz backgrounds and a vocalist from emo and indie roots. The band have today released their EP '3:17am' with loads on offer from tracks elaborating on the dreamy woes of late night romantic escapades to emotional outpourings and questioning of life decisions. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jane Didds over lockdown, it's raw, it's personal and it's out now!

The EP opens with "Free After Party" that combines echoic vocals and intricate clean guitar picking that sweep effortlessly throughout the entirety of the song. Lead single "Desire" picks up the pace with it's subtle swing. Indie rock riffs give the feel of a more upbeat anthem. A howling guitar solo comes out of left field to round it off. The upbeat nature of the song makes for welcomed diversity prior to next track "Uncool" that wades in with group harmonies on the chorus which is a great touch. The song switches it up with a very minimalist approach focusing on vocal talent and the meaning behind the song itself.

"Romantic Fool" talks of a love interest lost too soon that has moved on. The morbid tone of loss is brightened by the beautifully woven guitar lines underpinning the verses and intricate lead patterns throughout. Title track "3:17am" is a welcomed pick up that roars in comparison to the previous two tracks. It is another welcomed change in pace and features all of the elements of a fantastic indie rock banger. The guitar lines lathered over the top of the track sound distant and echoic without sounding too jarring to the main body of the song even with outrageously quick sweeping lines during one part of the song.

"a t h e i s t" rounds out the EP, predominantly a dream pop acoustic that floats in as an expressive outpouring of emotion. The song has the addition of a lead guitar that chimes in sounding more like a harp at times. Weighing in at 6:13 the final minute features highlights from each member of the band with the drums picking back up, the guitar hitting one last lead pattern and the repetitive lead vocal that gains feeling as the song roars on. A fantastic way to finish off the EP.

'3:17am' is ambitious, at times raucous and oozes passion. It is creative, mature and sets Springs up as a band likely unsure of their own potential at this point in their careers. With so many talented "cooks in the kitchen" the fear would be that each song feels like a competition of talent though their intricacy and ability to weave these aspects into their sound without coming across this way is nothing short of extraordinary. This band have big things to come if they continue along this vein!

Score: 8/10

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