The Top Six Bands From The Dutch Indie Scene As Told By Snow Coats

They may have been relatively obscure on our shores up until the release of their latest EP, but Doetinchem indie-rockers Snow Coats are the host of a dotted following in their home nation of The Netherlands. A product of the flourishing Dutch indie scene, Snow Coats embody the sun-kissed spirit and effervescently pleasant demeanour that lacquers the scene in which they represent, a fact they showcase wonderfully on their latest EP Pool Girl. Containing more substance than it’s repetitive genre-tag indicates, the record saw the band demonstrating their knack for producing charming summer bops with ease whilst showcasing how The Netherland’s indie scene is void of the toxicity that’s stereotypical with our own national one.

With Pool Girl out now via Alcopop!, we got in touch with the band to discover the Dutch indie bands and their scene mates that everyone on our shores should be checking out

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Get Jealous

"Get Jealous is a very fresh garage punk band from Enschede. They released their EP ‘Easily’ in August 2020 and it’s filled with energetic and catchy songs! We can’t wait to watch this band play live!"

Smoking Alaska

"Smoking Alaska is an indie rock band based in Duiven (close to where we live). Their new EP Bring me Back a Souvenir really showcases how their sound can shift between big and energetic rock songs to more dreamy and thoughtful songs like ‘Over the Fence’. Smoking Alaska’s singer Alex Nas is also a very talented camera-man as he made the music video for our song 'Pool Girl' just like he makes all the Smoking Alaska music videos!"


"Waltzburg is a band from Nijmegen and their upbeat indie-pop songs make you feel like it’s summer forever. Waltzburg is a very good live band and we hear them quite often on the radio here in the Netherlands. We vote Waltzburg for “most likely to become very huge!”

Just Big Hills

"Indie inspired Trip Hop artist David Berman aka Just Big Hills is a producer based in Arnhem. We met David when we were in the same class while studying music in Arnhem, which is also where we started our band. At the time David just started his Just Big Hills project and now he became very successful within the lo-fi hip hop scene. Just Big Hills is one of the most talented acts from the Netherlands!"

Pip Blom

"We don’t think that Pip Blom would need an introduction for people in the UK considering that Pip Blom is more popular over there than they are here in the Netherlands but anyway..."

"Pip Blom is a noisy indie-pop band based in Amsterdam. With hooky guitar riffs and Pip’s alluring voice they became one of the most successful bands in the Dutch indie scene at this moment. They toured with bands as Surfer Blood and the Breeders and played shows at festivals like Reading/Leeds Festival and Glastonbury, which is very exceptional for a Dutch band!"

Bony Macaroni

"Bony Macaroni is an emo-tingled indie rock band that quickly became one of our fave Dutch bands. If you like Modern Baseball and PUP we strongly suggest that you check out this band! Bony Macaroni’s songs are fast, intelligent and very catchy. Their song ‘MDA’ is absolutely the indie banger of 2020!"

Pool Girl is out now via Alcopop! Records. Purchase the EP here.