Tokky Horror - I Found The Answers And Now I Want More | EP Review

The clash of creative sound and energy moves in abundance amongst the punk circuit. Whether you’re in Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool or all the way in London, the constant striving for new sounds remains ready and relentless– delighting, dizzying, and undercut with channels of aggressive sound.

In 2021, the latter is thankfully tempered. Taken like a pinch of salt, the concepts of a past punk revolution are re-imagined frequently and with reverent sense for sound over style. Punk does not only exist in this state; It thrives on the action and advancing tendency of a constantly adapted and new, sub-cultured sound scene. Such transitional genres develop powerful practices and are regularly taken on by talented performers and proud productions. They burst with new and unbound energy that keeps the world on their toes and never stops to take themselves seriously for too long.

The words and wavelengths of this punk inspired trio, envelope and exude these qualities from the hypnotic vocal sprawl to the first stomping sounds of chaotic drumbeats. The creative collusion cannot be denied; In pursuit of new sound, Tokky Horror's debut EP I Found The Answers And Now I Want More is a chance to bring the themes and discussions of LGBTQ community and life together in a concurrent and excitingly developed advance.

The group gracing the eyes with visual venom but most importantly, endangering the ears with a powerful pack of new tracks that scream through a uniquely comprised track list. This music feels live and likely to take on a new life in performance. The vocals of Mollie Rush and Ava Akira blend, break and separate across the tracks, with a defiant dissonance and echoing electronic quality heard in tracks such as 'Girlracer' and the ever ravaging 'Godliness'. The lyrics are repetitive, they seem to be pulsating and push further with ever- growing chorus.

The point and position of punks has long been powered by heavy contrasts, seeking to put sounds at odds. However, the apparent punk characteristics can slip into a heavily stereotyped stagnant state – deemed “iconic” and yet secular with masculine tropes, it hinders progression of a diverse hardcore scene beyond a glancing look. The sound of Tokky Horror provides neither characteristic nor expectation of sounds and quality.

This delights on tracks and has a detrimental feel in places. The album is a mix of production power and decay which acknowledges the opportunities that post punks can offer in play. They call it “virtual hardcore” and it defies the essentials of punk pasts, fitting an electronic buzz to dynamic vocal and stepping apart from the crowded corner.

In fact, Zee Davine has always set themselves apart in that way. Crushing into view with sound and style that its distinctively otherworldly and cuts through the air with a blade-like ferocity. This album speaks volumes about timing and growing out of old territory.

This EP provides the starting point and grounds for revolutionary development in the hardcore punk sound. This album is made for touring and its regionally pulling power need only be proved.

Score: 7/10

I Found The Answers And Now I Want More is released May 21st via Alcopop! Records.