For The Sake Of The Speed: The Top 5 Best Rollercoasters with Serena Cherry of Svalbard!


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September 21, 2020

The euphoric heights, the stomach wringing lows and the adrenaline pumping inversions. When she's not busy fronting the post-metal powerhouse Svalbard, Serena Cherry is co-running CoasterForce, an online platform devoted to all things rollercoaster related. A bonafide coaster aficionado, Serena has spent years travelling the globe in order to experience the very best of what the world's theme parks have to offer, doc...

September 21, 2020

Back in January – when we were all oh-so blissfully ignorant to the horrors 2020 would play host to – the world of contemporary music was busy ruminating on the albums that were set to be released over the course of the year. Whist such a list was jammed with a plethora of major artists, one such release topped the list in bold italics; the ninth studio album from Deftones.

Following on from nine months of feverish anticipation and speculatio...

September 19, 2020

The problem with Thrash Metal is that it's hard to play, and even harder to break through to the genuinely amazing bands that make it such an imitable genre. It's also a genre that has standard the test of time for at least 40 years. As such, it has been tried, tested, told and retold and with many bands aiming for very similar things. Válvera, from Brazil, are amongst a more modern variety, but have these same difficulties as many other Thrash M...

September 18, 2020

It’s commonly associated as a genre of youthfully giddy rebellion, but indie-punk and pop-punk has served as an outlet of frustration for countless young bands over the decades. However, as such bands age, many make peace with their adolescent woes, losing that drive and spark that fuels their work. In contrast, others substitute the central themes within their art, reinventing their music for other righteous purposes that bolster their skills. F...

September 18, 2020

Crossover thrash is having something of a renaissance of late and has always held an appeal for its delighting in the carnage resulting from the collision of breakneck thrash and brutal hardcore. Where better, then, could a band emerge from than the abandoned industrial hellpits of Detroit? If Plague Years have anything to say about it - and they have plenty to say with debut Circle Of Darkness - nowhere does it better. 

Album opener ‘Play the Vic...

September 17, 2020

Promising “all the restrained energy (they) couldn’t bring to the stage” in the times of COVID, the new EP from German metalcore outfit Eskimo Callboy certainly gets off to an energetic start. Recent internet sensation 'Hypa Hypa' manages to provide a simultaneously heavy, catchy, and silly introduction to the band’s latest sound whilst also showing off what new vocalist Nico Sallach can do. The vocal delivery starts strong and doesn’t drop off t...

September 17, 2020

Just a short year and a half after their EP Afterglow showed a band with a knack for catchy, earworm melodies and serious promise Aussie pop punk upstarts Yours Truly are set to release their debut record, Self Care. Despite the short time between releases the band have come a startlingly long way in delivering on the promise of their EP.

Starting strong with ‘Siamese Souls’, Yours Truly certainly waste no time. A very brief acoustic lick moves in...

September 16, 2020

It seems an odd thing to say about a band as famously ferocious as ​Napalm Death​, but they possess a truly compassionate and proudly caring view of the world. Birthed in working-class, industrial Birmingham and honed in the mid-80’s crust punk scene, the band are a fiercely moral and humanist force of nature. Their music has long tackled exploitation, corruption and the myriad evil doings of mankind, all filtered through a prism of very fast and...

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