Citizen - Life In Your Glass World | Album Review

For over a decade the Ohio based trio Citizen have worn in their goliath footsteps across a diverse range of genres. Emotionally charged and brilliantly crafted, constantly evolving and never once sounding tired. From their brooding, emo infused debut Youth, to the adventurous riff machine that takes shape as 2015’s Everybody is Going To Heaven and finally culminating in the synth ridden 2017 record As You Please. Whether its natural development or planned progression, the soundtrack to Citizen’s career matches up perfectly - with As You Please acting as the perfect precursor to their latest project.

Life in Your Glass World is both aggressive and positively buoyant, and fills every inch of expectations set forth by a dedicated and loyal fanbase. Scheduled for release on March 26th via Run For Cover Records, this is a collection of 11 doses of innovation, with Citizen once again taking an unexpected turn. Prominent bass grooves and punchy drums lay the foundations for a new round of experimentative musicianship, and the band's self produced marvel oozes an organic feel throughout. The two leading singles 'Blue Sunday' and 'I Want To Kill You' teased fans perfectly in the run up to the albums release, two tracks surmising two completely different ends of the spectrum.

Members Matt Kerekes, Nick Hamm, & Eric Hamm have achieved a rare notion with their latest project, having gone out of their way to develop their sound yet each song still retains the very essence of their bands core. Undeniably a Citizen record, the ninth track aptly titled 'Glass World' slows things down to really take stock of the soundscape around you. The ever present acoustic guitar is about as delicate as this album gets, leaving ample space for Kerekes ever-present vocals. A brief 20 second middle 8 could well be the highlight of the whole affair with perfectly articulated lyrics cutting through without hesitation, on edge and hair raising.

This era definitely feels kick started by As You Please, taking a deep dive into refined melodies and a heavy focus on rhythm with banging drums often holding the main focus. The record's opening track 'Death Dance Approximately' sets the mood without delay, drowning in originality and unpredictable aerodynamics. Each number on the track listing is crafted in such a way that its meaning could be interpreted in any direction possible, with songs such as 'Call Your Bluff' resonating with each member of its audience on a completely different level.

The latest instalment from the Toledo three piece is the embodiment of modern garage rock. If their identity was ever in doubt, then Citizen are taking it back with both hands, leaving another impressive body of work as its own unique timestamp.

Score: 9/10

Life In Your Glass World is released March 26th via Run For Cover Records.

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