New Noizze: The 10 Must Listen Tracks Of The Week

Photo: @Gingerdope | Martyna WIsniewska

Finally, the end of the week is upon us, though it's a shame the weather is dire. Still, there's been plenty of fantastic new material this week. From the bone shattering density of the new Osiah record all the way to the unfathomable phantom jazz of the new Voronoi debut, the last several days have seen the release of some fantastic work from all across the spectrum of the alternative scene. With that in mind, here's the 10 new singles you need to get on right now.

Solidarity Not Silence - ‘This Is Sisterhood’

A poignant and crucial single, ‘This Is Sisterhood’ is a track crafted and presented by the Solidarity Not Sisterhood campaign. For four years now, the women who form the campaign have been fighting a gruelling legal battle against an outed abuser, one who has now filled a libel claim in retaliation. Featuring members of The Tuts, Colour Me Wednesday, Bikini Kill, Petrol Girls and friends of the campaign in choir, ‘This Is Sisterhood’ is a defiant expression of solidarity that aims to help fund the expressive and prolonged legal battle the group are undertaking. Released via Alcopop! Records, the track narrates the history of the battle so far in intimate and emotive detail, and if there is any justice in the world, will affect how similar cases are treated by the law. Watch the video below and purchase the track on digital and vinyl formats here.

Year Of No Light - 'Réalgar'

Described as being a "a mineral dive in the interzone, a journey between several realities and a confrontation with our inner demons", the new single from Year Of No Light is certainly a harrowing experience. Continuing their exploration of the ever approaching downfall of humanity and how salvation lies within absolute darkness, 'Réalgar' sees the French post-metal collective marring wailing musical agony with subtle hints of regeneration and possible transcendence. Taken from their upcoming record Consolamentum, which is released July 2nd on Pelagic Records.

Haggard Cat - ‘Quit Your Jobs’

A pummelling barrage of jagged post-hardcore sensibilities, full-frontal thrashing and the dynamic duo’s homegrown take on frantic punk, Haggard Cat take aim at their now estranged label with their first fully independent release. The first single from their forthcoming new EP Cheer Up, ‘Quit Your Jobs’ sees the band retaking the reigns of their career with force and stands as outpouring of frustration from a band clearly gagging for the mayhem that comes from the confines of the stage. About as subtle as a blow to the bridge of the nose, this is a rowdy one from one of the most positively chaotic bands within the nation.

Bossk - ‘Menhir’

The monolithic return from the unquestionable post-metal legends Bossk, ‘Menhir’ towers above as a celestial offering of dense majesty courtesy of some of the most travelled of psychonauts. The first single taken from the band’s upcoming record Migration and their first material in approximately five years, ‘Menhir’ is an absolutely breathtaking exercise in atmospheric density that’s only further thickened with the guest inclusion of Johannes Persson of Cult Of Luna fame. Whereas Bossk have commonly been referred to as one of the best and undersung acts within the field they inhabit, this track only serves as a testament to their prowess whilst hinting towards what may be a genuine album of the year contender.

Heriot - ‘Dispirit’

For a band with only a slim handful of singles, Heriot have already made quite the cataclysmic impact within the UK metal scene. However, if any naysayers existed prior to this single, they are fully silent now. The group’s third single and their first material since signing to Church Road Records, ‘Dispirit’ is a malevolent statement of righteousness intent that sees the band taking aim at the manipulators that exist in positions of power. "With each single we’ve released so far we’ve constantly pushed ourselves, working on exploring new elements to drive our sound and 'Dispirit' is no exception,” say the band as a collective. “Lyrically, the track speaks of how having a highly regarded status can be manipulated and abused, allowing them to appear to live two lives. This is a topic that rings true with all of us, if it's not something you’ve come across personally, it is something you can agree is evident and all around us in some way. Only when the abuser is exposed, do they face justice - “Deceiver, It's too late for cowards truth.” This song is a call straight to the manipulator."

Common Spit - ‘Huge Grant’

This song is about a monstrous kaiju-sized Hugh Grant finally bringing divine judgement upon humanity. It’s also a finely crated barrage of math rock contrast that sees the Bristolian two piece Common Spit amalgamating their homegrown take on the genre with post rock intricacy and delicate emotional levity. This song has no right whatsoever to be this good. Taken through their new EP Puns, which is out now independently.

Dawn Ray’d – ‘Wild Fire I & II’

Out today via Prosthetic Records, ‘Wild Fire’ sees the antifascist black metal trio Dawn Ray’d continuing their inclusive resistance against right wing extreme metal with force and atmosphere. A two track release that shows their dynamic take on the genre, ‘Wild Fire I’ and ‘Wild Fire II’ exist as contrasting versions of the same track, with the former manifesting as pure black metal torment whilst the latter is a far more folk-orientated affair. Showcasing the many facets of the band, regardless of it’s deliverance, the track is a pressing condemnation of the pathetic folly of NSBM artists and other acts that project right-wing views just for controversy and image.

The Guru Guru – ‘(In) Snakes & Ladders [Stakes Don’t Matter]’

Just when you thought this band couldn’t get any more bizarre. The first state of their forthcoming acid tab of an EP, with this new track post-punk/rock/math/everything band The Guru Guru invite you down the never ending rabbit hole that is their collective vision. A track devoted to European political conspiracy and controversy, the Belgian avant-garde unit continue to plunge deeper into the waters of surreal borderline rock with this jittering off-kilter take. Palatably weird, vocalist Tom Adriaenssens once again delivers a performance of theatrical psychosis, and as the band as a whole contort against a backdrop of high-strung post-pock, 2021 is set to see The Guru Guru take their madcap take on the genre to new levels.

Press To MECO - 'Gold'

Exploring the sheer overwhelming sensory input we receive on a daily basis how our collective dependence on technology is devolving our humanity, the new single from Press To MECO stands as their most savage work to date. The third single from their forthcoming third full length Transmute, 'Gold' is a decanting of the nervous energy and anxiety we have all been bottling over the past several years. Whereas the group have become synonymous with all things bright, harmonious and buoyant, this serves a teaser for what is set to the Press To MECO most aggressive work to date. Transmute is released August 20th via Marshall Records.

HEALTH & Nine Inch Nails - 'Isn't Everyone'

It's the legendary electronic noise artist HEALTH collaborating with the legendary industrial artist Nine Inch Nails. It's about how, inherently, we live our lives in complete solitude and how misery is the default emotion in life. We don't need to tell you it's great.

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