New Noizze: The 7 Must Listen Tracks Of The Week

Photo: Tom Le Bon

The past seven days has been a massive week for music. This week saw the release of incredible new records from Tokky Horror, Vexed, The Devil Wears Prada, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Epiphanic Truth, Delilah Bon - and to top it all off - also saw the return of Eurovision in its full silly glory. But still, the week also saw the release of a string of high calibre singles well deserving of your attention, Here's the ones you need to get on immediately.

Mountain Caller - ‘Beyond This Black Horizon’

After ascending the obsidian mountain range of the genre with their monumental debut LP last year, the post-metal trio Mountain Caller are back with a massive single in the shape of ‘Beyond This Black Horizon’. Taken from their forthcoming new EP Chronicle: Prologue, the new single continues to see the band alchemise elements of Tool, Mastodon, Russian Circles and a plethora of others belonging to all things dense and progressive before adding their own fresh and adventurous take on thrilling post-metal. A conceptual prequel to last year’s Chronicle I: The Truthseeker, Prologue is set to once again showcase the band’s unique take on atmospheric density and their poignant exploration of modern feminism via fantastical adventurism.

Antethic - ‘Scope’

The new single from the St. Petersburg progressive electronic three piece, ‘Scope’ stands as the latest offering from the ever eclectic and enigmatic Antethic. Evoking pustulating urbanite unease and a sense of claustrophobia that seeps into the brainstem, ‘Scope’ is one of two new tracks featured on the group’s forthcoming Mythographer B Sides release. Set to be released July 23rd via Church Road Records, the upcoming release is bound to display Antethic’s dark electric mysticism in pure form – one comparable to the more troubled workings from the likes of HEALTH and Boards Of Canada – the record is complete with covers and remixes from Pijn, Wowod and is set to once again demonstrate Antethic’s cryptic and composed take on atmospheric synth based emotion.

Vexed - ‘Fake’

Incendiary and angular, the final single taken from Vexed’s unrelating debut is the musical equivalent of being taken out by a piece of molten shrapnel. Taken from their phenomenal debut Culling Culture, ‘Fake’ is a threat aimed towards all gaslighters that’s delivered with genuine menace and murderous intent. Intensely heavy and utterly uncompromising, the track and Culling Culture as a whole is an unrelenting display of technically adept musical punishment from a band set dominate UK heavy music with unapologetic intent.

Cherym - ‘Listening To My Head’

To be put simply, this a right anthem. The latest single to be released from the Derry based power pop punk trio, ‘Listening To My Head’ is an irresistible blast of sun blessed pop punk that’s dressed to the nines in spikes and attitude. Just slightly nostalgic of the golden halcyon years of the genre, the track is zingy and fearless effort that showcases Cherym’s effortless ability to present fatally infectious melodies at their most enjoyable. Anyone with a penchant for the likes of Dream Nails, Bikini Girl or just brilliant pop punk energy in general will have an absolute riot with this and if you’re planning on sleeping on their upcoming tour with Cheerbleederz you really do need a quiet word with yourself.

Sertraline - ‘2205’

Being re-released in celebration of the first anniversary of their debut EP Clouded Minds & Silver Lines, ‘2205’ is an incredibly crucial and poignant single from the Mancunian metalcore act Sertraline. The track is written in memory of the events of the Manchester Arena bombing, in which vocalist Lizzie Parry was in attendance for, and was composed as a way for the vocalist to process the scenes she witnessed whilst also offering hope and optimism in the face of such trauma. As one can expect, there’s a profound, striking sense of poetic intimacy within this offering and this truly serves as a testament to the steadfast nature of this fast rising act.

Profiler - ‘Metamorphosis’

Anyone local to the alternative South West scene could have seen this coming from a mile off, but this week saw the Bristolian alt-metal Profiler signing to Shaprtone Records before releasing their biggest, most accomplished track to date. Their first track since becoming labelmates with the likes of Holding Absence, Loathe and Polaris, ‘Metamorphosis’ is a sonic beast that transmutes elements of 90’s alt-rock, new era nu-metal and contemporary emotive metalcore whilst demonstrating the skill that has allowed Profiler to become so renowned in their local scene. If this is anything to go by, Profiler have a promising and prosperous future awaiting for them on the global stage.

Gloo - ‘Ride’

Coming into creation after trying – and failing – to find guidance through hopeless self-help books, the new single from South Coast indie-punks Gloo implores you to just find happiness through chaotic escapism. The latest single from their recently announced new record How To Not Be Happy, ‘Ride’ is a fiercely upbeat act of joy in the face of ever present bleakness. With the record dropping August 27th via Hassle Records, this is a rip-roaring slab of all inclusive punk designed for a summer where everyone is desperate to release pent up frustrations and energy in a manner utterly joyous.

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