New Noizze: The 9 Must Listen New Tracks Of The Week

So many new singles, so little time. Each week we upload reviews, interviews, features, our playlist and other little bits and bops - but unfortunately - we don't have the time to upload regular news pieces. To counteract this, we present to to you the first instalment of our New Noizze series, a weekly feature dedicated to the best singles released over the span of the week. From joyless sludge courtesy of Aerosol Jesus to Mexican math rock from DJ Perro, here our the top new singles we've had the pleasure of listening to this week.

Fightmilk - ‘Hey Annabelle’

Taken from their upcoming full length Contender, Fightmilk’s latest offering is a universally relatable post-breakup anthem about checking in on a newly made ex and hoping they’re as miserable as you are. Birthed from a weekend involving Japanese pop punk, 1960s girl bands and needlessly strong coffee, ‘Hey Annabelle’ is a flowery bout of miserable pop rock that’s impossible not to adore and essentially serves as concrete proof that Contender is going to fire the band right into the limelight of underground UK pop rock. Contender is released May 14th via Reckless Yes.

Buds. - ‘Grit’

The first single from the scuzzed pop-punk’s forthcoming EP Full, ‘Grit’ fully encapsulates its namesake with a whitewashed sense of discord that’s a far cry from the majority of Buds.’ genre-mates. Coinciding with the announcement of their signing to Beth Shalom Records, the single sees the Hampshire four-piece further embracing their shared love for gnarled aggressive punk energy and serves as an introduction to the themes of existential dread and ageing perspectives that abound within the record. "Grit is like an old western equivalent to the “stiff upper lip/ just get on with it” mentality that we have in British society”, states vocalist Dan Wilson-Stone. “Admittedly I wrote the line for the sake of something to rhyme the following line. The song is about learning to come to terms with the fact that I’m probably not going to thrive in the traditional 9-5, get married, buy a house, play golf on a weekend etc. way of being and how for ages I felt like I always came across as workshy, lazy, entitled etc. because of the way I was."

Aerosol Jesus – ‘Survive’

Taken from the Aerosol Jesus' debut LP, which is out today via Sludgelord Records, the record’s title track is a monolithic and suffocating documentation of futility that bridges the gap between the anguished post-hardcore of Birds In Row and The Tidal Sleep with the choking doomed sludge of Body Void and Primitive Man. Totally devoid of any optimism or joy, the track and album as a whole is an overwhelming intense statement of intent that sees the band utilising the perpetually tormented sound of raw hardcore to amplify the dread that’s inherent within shadowed extreme metal. Teeming with pain and constantly feeling like it’s on the verge of fracturing into an uncontrolled outburst, this is authentic emotion at its most unfiltered.

DJ Perro – ‘003: Haiya!’

To be put simply, the new single from the Mexico math-rock troupe DJ Perro is just a straight up jazzy good time. Not completely unlike a finger-snapping progressive rock rendition of the casino level theme from Sonic The Hedgehog, ‘003: Haiya!’ see DJ Perro taking direct influence from the worlds of math, jazz and sun-kissed Latin pop only to reform them in the band’s own unique vision. Ceaselessly enjoyable and with a lust for fun, this is a unmissable jam from one of the most promising young acts within global math rock.

Nightlives - ‘The Forest’

The prodigal sons return. The Cardiff electro-punk’s third major single and their first original work since 2019’s ‘Under The Radar’, ‘The Forest’ sees Nightlives both further tightening their sound and delving even deeper into the realms of horror influenced cinematic punk. With a sound clearly reminiscent of the halcyon Tribalism era days of Enter Shikari, the single witnesses the band taking the inflammatorily fluid sound they forged in their earlier work before revitalising it with newfound finesse. Complete with a full bodied music video, this is a must listen for anyone with a penchant for massive electronica tinged post-hardcore.

Kaonashi - ‘An Evening of Moving Pictures With Scooter Corkle’

In similar lineage to bands such as SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Wristmeetsrazor and ...If I Die First, the new track from emo-mathcore collective Kaonashi is massive collaboration of classic Myspace era violence and modern compassion. Carrying and urging a crucial message of love, empathy and understanding, the single is a timeless narration of doubt within love delivered through a chaotic lens with just the right amount of teenage melodrama. Taken from their forthcoming debut LP Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year, which is out May 21st via Rude Records.

Luke Rainsford - ‘Learning To Cope With Death’

Taken from their new split EP with Bleak Soul, whilst Luke Rainsford has always held a skill to detail messages and themes that for many are impossible to article, ‘Learning To Cope With Death’ is a sobering narration of grief and loss that’s delivered with apt skill and Spring-like warmth. Pacifying and comforting in an age of rampant loss and pain, the track serves as a gentle hand through waters terrifying and is delivered with first hand experience.

Young Pretorians - ‘The Shakes’

A song exploring what it’s like to realise your childhood dreams are ultimately unobtainable whilst spending your living an existence most mundane, the new single from South Coast punks Young Pretorians would be enough to trigger an existential crisis if it wasn’t so ceaselessly catchy. With a sound comparable to punk juggernauts The Menzingers, The Gaslight Anthem and The Lawrence Arms, the group take modern gruff punk and inject with DIY sensibilities and grounded frustration with their new single. "’The Shakes’ is a song about working dead end jobs that grind you down over time and the realisation that you should be working for your own benefit not someone else’s, states vocalist Pete Darwent.“ As far as we know you only get one time around so you need to make sure you don’t waste it for other peoples gains. The track is coming from our joint experiences in this journey called life, so we're really excited to hear what everyone thinks!”

Vukovi - ‘Kill It’

Vukovi’s first single on their new home of LAB Records, ‘Kill It’ see the Scottish two piece deliver a supercharged slab of frantic noise with impassioned urgency. The follow up to their 2020 single ‘Slo’, the pulsating single is an impassioned first account of battling OCD on a daily basis and a testament to the duo’s effortless penchant for genre dynamism. “’Kill It' is a battle cry to the war that’s going on inside my head”, explains vocalist Janine Shillstone. “The song is a war cry to my OCD demon I have to live with everyday. I'm telling it I’m not going to give up, I’m going to fight back. I know it’ll be a struggle but having that strong death wish towards it gives me comfort and strength.”

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