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Australian guitar virtuoso Plini brings his second full-length creation into the world, inviting you on the journey out of this covid-ravaged reality and into the beautiful soundscapes of prog metal mastery. Despite the generally grim premises of 2020, Impulse Voices came out lighthearted, free-spirited and whilst it dips into the heavier metal grounds once in a while it never loses its default mood - elation.

Given it's respective nature, many perceive instrumental music as leaving more room for imagination, interpretation and meditation. However, Plini’s compositions seem to possess genuine teleportation qualities. Unlike some of his peers within the progressive metal sphere, his music is decidedly not for background listening; it engages and takes away in a heartbeat. As proven with 2016's Handmade Cities and 2018's Sunhead, Plini produces prolific and stimulating experiences you’d want to relive as soon they're over. In regards to this aspect, Impulse Voices is no different and is only further enchanted with fresh new textures and ideals.

One of the album's fundamental attractions is its unpredictability. Ambient pieces, impressive heavier moments and toying playful movements all inhabit the same creative space whilst complimenting each other in a fantastically fluid fashion. Whilst many acts within this scene exercise such creative endeavours by having singular tracks dedicated to each style, every individualistic tone is entwined as one within this release. Opening piece ‘I’ll Tell You Someday’ draws in with repeated melody and masterful guitars. It showcases one of Plini’s staple ever-shifting pace and provides novice listeners with ‘a warm hug’, as the musician himself explained. ‘Papelillo’ then takes over with almost an ocean breeze lightness, and balances on the crest of hefty shrugs as the track develops.

The highlights for the heavier fans will undoubtedly be the title track ‘Impulse Voices’, and more significantly ‘Pan’, with the latter being an absolute gem and the album’s pinnacle moment. Intensifying thunder composed of electrified riffs and drums paired with juicy saxophone produces an unexpected and elegant fusion, one that showcases the experimentation and sonic dramatics synonymous with this artist's namesake and stands as an exiting addition to the sonar array. The final track ‘The Glass Bead Game’ is an impressive nine minute composition and a journey in it’s own right. The combination of shimmering guitar, a gentle harp solo and a delicate piano make for a satisfying homestretch.

Plini’s latest creation showcases his progression as a musician in full measure, both emotionally and musically. Void of pretence and overthinking, this seems to come from the place of genuine inspiration and pure desire to create. Simply, Impulse Voices is filled with velvet textures and flavours, it's alive and breathing and see's Plini voyaging further from the path of convention and into the untamed wilds of fervent dynamism. Beautiful in and out!

Score: 9/10

Impulse Voices is out now independently.

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