Superlove - Superlove | EP Review

Smashing the ball out the park with this synth-popy earworm, the self confessed noise-pop troupe Superlove have flourished with a multifaceted new release. The band’s debut self-titled third record is set to drop on the 13th of November via Rude Records, and looks as if to signify a conscious move in a more dynamic direction for the Bristol trio.

Jacob Rice, Alex Matthews & Jon Worgan have been known to have a knack for crafting catchy hooks, and a plentiful supply of varying instrumentation leads to a rhythmic mix in their latest body of work. It's certainly the band's most experimental offering so far and it’s easy to imagine that its reception will inspire their most immersive live show to date. From the opening notes of ‘I Love It’ the record forms an impressive balance - one minute it’s like skinny dipping in electro-pop, the next surrounded by guitar licks and chunky riffs, each song so catchy it’s almost infuriating. Single ‘THINK ABT U’ leads an impressive charge with its head banger infused grooves and easily danceable verses, the perfect example of what manifests itself between the use of harmonious chords and spitting bursts of percussion.

In a bold turn of events the pop rock rising stars decide to showcase both sides of the coin with the fourth track on the listing, as ‘Bruce’ takes a step back to give us a glimpse of Superlove at their most naked. A slow evolving ballad, velvety soprano and subtle guitar notes strip the band down to bare bones and reduce the tempo for a stunning 3 minute 18 second playthrough. A truly beautiful vocal performance and a definite shock to the system.

Ending on a high ‘Untouchable’ rings out its last notes and instantly incurs a wish that there were more tracks to get through. Superlove have outdone themselves with their newest release, and Rude Records are boasting another impressive project on their roster.

Score: 8/10

Superlove is released November 13th via Rude Records.

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